Vent Free Gas Logs

If you live in a cold area, consider vent free gas logs.  They will go into your existing fireplace.  Although a natural fire has its place, it does take some work to get a roaring fire going.  With these vent free gas logs, you simply turn the knob and start sweating.  They are available for natural gas or propane.

Make sure to contact a licensed fitter to run the gas line.  Also, when ordering, specify whether it will be for natural gas or propane.  Since they are about 99% efficient, it is actually more economical than using your furnace, especially if your fireplace is in a central part of the house.

If you have another fireplace with an insert, or do not want to do the gas log road, do some research in your area for the best firewood.  Make sure it is seasoned properly so it will burn easily, if it is important to you – make sure it is split.  Make sure to buy a tarp or two or three so it can be covered to protect it from rain, snow, extreme cold, etc.

Make sure to pick up some radiator and utility heaters for strategic placement around the house so you can turn down your thermostat, especially at night and while the sun is out.


Flex Seal can be used for so many repair projects.  Since it comes out a liquid, it can penetrate into cracks and holes much easier.  It is basically liquid rubber that dries to rubber.  It can be used for gutters, window trims, roofs, driveways, pipes, and much more.  It comes in black and white.  Choose the color that blends in best for your project.

Remember those grocery store super subs to feed your crew tonight (or sports teams, with multiple ones of course).  Multiple meats, multiple cheeses on a large french/italian loaf.  Even better when time is a factor due to “soccer mom” activities.  You can even bring some of it to the game if you need to!

With winter weather upon us, make sure to check your wiper blades and batteries.  Sup-zero temperatures and winter precip will just demolish these.  If you go to an auto parts store like O’Reilly’s, they will change your wipers for free.  They will also perform tests on your battery and alternator for no charge.  If you buy your new battery from them, they will normally replace it for free so you “do not have to worry about the core charge.”  Great marketing for them, and great fortune for you!

If you have a chip in your windshield, make sure to get it fixed before it becomes a crack.  The $35 spent will end up saving you a bundle and keep you on track for passing your inspection!

If you need luggage to travel, consider duffel bags.  They are much easier to pack and stuff then traditional luggage.  There are extra pockets, shoulder handle, even wheels for some.  Prices are lower than luggage also.  Sports bottles will save you money and the environment.  Check out your local sporting goods store, especially with the Christmas specials going on now.

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