Stunning Valentines Day Flowers

Make sure you are not in the doghouse this Valentines Day.  Take care of the flowers early.  You can save 25% site wide this week:


If you are looking for a new cellphone, it is hard to go wrong with an iphone.  You can synch it with your Apple computer (also available through the link below), have a fantastic phone (worth it right there), and basically have a mini computer in your pocket or handbag.  AT&T has very reliable and far reaching service and nice promo deals as well.  If you want to save a little money, you can go with a slightly older model.  Now that’s frugal!


If you are looking for a USB with sufficient memory to operate as your backup, you may have had trouble finding a 128GB at a good price, Here it is, less than $30:

If you are looking for a clip on lamp for a desk, in a closet, this is a nice inexpensive one that works well. If you put an LED bulb in it, you can get even more light out of it. It is very “flexible” and convenient. Nice price, too.


Treat yourself to some finer breads.  Look in your grocery store’s bakery, small business cake and bakeries, and chain bakeries.  The prices are probably much better than you are expecting.  Most of the time, it is less than the national brand breads.  Great yeast at a great price.  Now that’s frugal!

Speaking of finer breads and Valentine’s Day, add some restaurant gift cards to the bouquet.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving!  Panera Bread might be a good idea.

Brazilian steakhouse for Valentine’s Day?  They should have a special themed night.  All you can eat steak – cut right at your table – and trimmings.  You might be really, really happy you did!

Believe it or not, JC Penney’s has some really great deals on very nice jewelry.  All kinds of precious and semi-precious sets.  Ship to store available.  Great for Valentine’s Day or other special occasions!

Save money on housewares, jewelry and clothes.  Shop TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross’, Bed Bath & Beyond.  Sign up for their text and mail coupons for even more savings!  Now that’s frugal!

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