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It may seem a little odd to think about ordering your car tires online, but this may save you quite a bit of money.  You will get free shipping, discount codes and probably much better prices than your local dealer.  It is normally not as hard as you think to get a local shop to mount them for you.

Free Shipping

If you have an off-road type vehicle, Goodyear Wrangler tires are not your only option.  For example, if you have a Jeep Wrangler, you can get very similar performance, and look at about 60% the price with Cooper Tires.  They really look sharp and perform about the same on dry and wet surfaces.


If you are in the market for a sewing machine, consider the Brother sewing Machine from K Mart.  It is available for layaway also.  It is normally $169.99, but sometimes specials are available.  It is incredibly reliable, quiet, durable, and will tackle most any sewing job you might have,

This Versatile Sewing Machine Does It All:

The Brother Sewing Machine sc6600a lets your perform all kinds of stitches, even buttonholes. It has a foot for zippers, zigzagging, button fitting and blind stitching. It also has a seam ripper and comes with four bobbins (one is on the machine). It comes with a three-piece needle set, twin needle, ball point needle, and a standard needle installed on the machine.

This sewing machine has everything you need to create simple to complicated pieces. You get a disc-shaped screwdriver and spool caps sized large, medium and small, plus an extra spool pin along with the foot controller and accessory bag.

Brother Sewing Machine sc6600a comes equipped to handle any kind of sewing task.
This machine performs all types of stitches, including buttonholes.
Sewing machine has a foot for zippers, zigzagging, button fitting and blind stitching
Convenient seam ripper
Comes with four bobbins, three-piece needle set, ball point needle and standard needle
Disc-shaped screwdriver ad extra spool pin included
Small, medium and large spool caps
Comes with an accessory bag and foot controller


If you are in the market for a Mini Sewing Machine that can do all of the tricks, this one is for you:

Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine on Sale at Hancock Fabrics.com!


Looking for a slow cooker you can take places?  The Crock Pot  6qt Cook and Carry Slow Cooker is the one for you.  One of the main problems with a slow cooker that needs to go some place other than your house is that you just cannot transfer the cooked food without making a mess.  With this Crock Pot, all you do is lock down the top and away you go!  Very reliable, convenient and functional.  It works great as a primary or secondary slow cooker.  Available at K Mart (eligible for Layaway) and Amazon.


If you are paying taxes, a judgment, or other obligations where access to your accounts may not be a good idea, consider using money orders.

Renting a post office box is also a good idea.  Your mail will be delivered earlier and your business will run more efficiently.

For those tired and achy back muscles, try a heated massage cushion. 10-Motor Massaging Lounge Topper with Heat

Think about picking up some engine additive at your local auto parts store.  While you are doing this, if you wipers need changing, let them do it! So much easier and it is free!

If any of your children have low blood sugar, ask their doctor about glucose pills; especially if the children are athletes.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also good for a quick energy boost.

Do you have an overstock outlet in your area?  You can find great deals on so many things – toaster ovens, dehumidifiers, mixers, clothes…

Keep looking at those Sunday editions of the big city newspapers in your area for potentially hundreds of dollars of coupons.

Do you have children in sports?  Make sure to look for deals on equipment all year.  Most of the times, in the off season for the sport, shoes, gloves, bats, balls, other equipment will be on sale.  Be careful not to buy too far ahead for some things if your athlete is still growing.  Eastbay, buy.com, Oshman’s, Johnny Mac’s … good deals are waiting for you.

Need to soak up sweat in athletic shoes, especially outdoor sports?  Try newsprint weight wrapping paper from U-Haul – works great!

Are your natural gas bills unpredictable?  Consider switching to propane.  Your local supplier – for probably less than $100 – can change the orifice on your heater so it can use propane.  You will have a tank in your back yard with a gauge so you know exactly how much is in there.  It is prepaid, put in your tank, so there are no unpleasant surprises waiting in your mailbox when the bill comes in.

An awesome way to save money on college tuition and textbooks: Dual Credit in high school.  Most schools have an arrangement with a local university for some of their more advanced, honors, scholars classes to be able to taken for college credit.  You normally pay a small fee (typically less than $100 per credit hour).  The classes are at your high school, with your high school teacher.  The textbooks are provided for you – no buying or renting required.  Some smaller schools have to go to the college for their finals, but most take them at their own schools.  It is not uncommon for some students to have a semester’s worth (maybe closer to 2 semesters if they work really hard at it and the school offers the classes) of credits.  The vast majority of colleges will still consider the student as a freshman and not as a transfer student.  This is highly relevant for scholarship money and even admission for some schools.  The key is the credits were not earned after high school graduation.  Make sure to carefully research your ultimate college for their policy.

Don’t forget to take those standardized tests more than once (unless you get a perfect score the first time).  Take the PSAT to prepare for the SAT.  Both the SAT and ACT test how you take their test, not necessarily knowledge alone.  Master the test needed for your college choice.  The extra scholarship money will be worth it.



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