Justin Timberlake – 20 20 Experience

Justin Timberlake – 20 20 Experience Tickets.  Also, so many other music and sporting event tickets right here, right now:




Make sure to take care of your car.  Take it to a local oil change place regularly so they can get to know you.  Most places will send you a coupon when your oil is ready to be changed again.  They should be able to take care of your state inspections as well as some possible light repairs.

Make sure to also use engine additives to boost performance and gas mileage.  Super dooper treatment with every oil change and regular otherwise.You will probably end up making money and increasing the life of your engine!

Great pizza deal at Pizza Hut:  Medium Dinner Box – medium one item pan with 10 cinnamon stix and an order of breadsticks for only $10 plus tax.  You can feed 3-4 people.  Now that’s frugal!

When was the last time you had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen?  Sometimes we forget how good it is.  If there is a birthday coming up – or not- go get one.  Less than $25, really delicious, you can have them write on it, you can cut it up in as many pieces as you need, leftovers can stay in the freezer (cut them up first for easy serving later).  Now that’s frugal!

Straight Talk ZTE Savvy Z750C Prepaid Cell Phone uses the $45 Straight talk plan.  Well-made smartphone product.  Wal*Mart runs great specials on this phone from time to time.

This Straight Talk ZTE Savvy Z750C Prepaid Cell Phone comes with a talk time of up to 6.9 hours and a standby time of 12 days to help you always stay in touch. The 4″ touchscreen lets you perform a variety of tasks, from making a call to surfing the web. This Straight Talk Android phone includes 3G/WiFi connectivity so you can answer your email or play games online. The unlimited entry phone book allows you to enter all of your contacts. Use the 5MP camera to capture important events. The GPS capability will help you navigate through unfamiliar places easily. This Android Jelly Bean phone comes with a charger, an activation card and a battery. Two phone plans are available for unlimited domestic and international calls.

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