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Extra laundry products are worth checking out at Wal*Mart:  75oz 2x Extra Detergent 41965


If you are not an Amazon Prime fan, maybe you should look into it.  It is only $99 per year (they run specials from time to time for less) or $49 if you have an .edu email.  A vast majority of their items are Prime eligible.  So you get it in 2 days – for free.  One day upgrades are also very reasonable.  Sometimes, it is cheaper to send a new item to a family member or friend than it would be to mail the one you have to them!  If you guaranteed 2 day shipping is no there on time, you get an extra month free if you complain.  This does not apply if you have a $49 account, however.  This is the best place to go to first for just about anything.  Chances are that they will have it, for less, delivered to your door or mailbox!  Now that’s frugal!

If you are a fan of Christian music, find your local station, listen to it, support it (almost all of them are listener supported) – be a blessing for others!  Just a few dollars from you may help save a soul.  Plus most stations have a discount card they will send you for being a partner.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for a solid company for term life insurance, consider American National Insurance Company.  They have very reasonable rates, no exam for lower limits, and easy monthly payments online.  Save money and have peace of mind!  Now that’s frugal!

Try Redbox – just a little over a buck for a movie rental.  You can reserve it online so it is waiting for you.  Become a member of their email/texting club for free and reduced movies!  Now that’s frugal!

Make sure to stay on top of allergy season with the proper OTC (and raw local honey) that works best for you.  Walgreens and Wal*Mart have great generic equivalents for allergy medication, stomach relief, pain/headache relief, etc that will save you money. Walgreens will have a BOGO or BOGH frequently with your discount card. Now that’s frugal!

If you have a farm supply store, look into getting a large compressed bag of pine or cedar shavings for your pet cage.  It is much cheaper than the alternatives.  Now that’s frugal!

Prepare for winter by ordering your wood along with your special mix of starter log and kindling materials. You may have to visit farm stores and Wal*Mart for the best deals and to make sure you have your tool belt full. If you need a new ash bucket, a galvanized pail for pets works just fine. This will help you keep the furnace working less and save propane or natural gas.  Don’t forget the hand lotion to keep your hands in good shape with the reduced humidity.  Now that’s frugal!

Check out those CFL and LED lights.  They will pay for themselves relatively quickly and save electricity.  Now that’s frugal!

Be careful when paying taxes, debt collectors, and judgments.  If you use money orders, you will not be sad later.  The less information disclosed, the happier you will be in the long run.

Look into getting a co-branded credit card with the airlines you use to save money from baggage fees; which add up so quickly.  Also, monitor your miles to see if buying a few more will put you over the amount for a free ticket.  (Don’t be surprised by the $5.60 fee per flight for TSA expenses)  Now that’s frugal!

Consider investigating if there is a salvage grocery store in your area.  They normally have restaurant quality food for pennies on the dollar.  Now that’s frugal!

If you like food that is slightly different than the norm, check out your local import store.  They will have more variety, quality and oftentimes better prices than the grocery store option.  Now that’s frugal!

Research some of your local Chinese Buffets to see if they give senior discounts, student discounts, or have BOGO deals.  Now that’s frugal!

Pizza Hut Special – Large 2 topping carry out for only $7.99.  Flavored crusts included.  Talk about a deal.  Don’t let it pass you by.  Now that’s frugal!

If you have a local clinic, contact them to see if they have any grant deals with pharmacies.  You may actually find better prices than through your insurance co-pay.  Of course, if you do not have a good prescription plan, this would be an even better route.  Now that’s frugal!

Ask your health care provider about adding fruit and vegetable juices and yogurt to your diet.  If you have a wellness program, they might recommend it also.  It could save a large medical bill down the road.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for good-quality office clothes for women (as well as casual), check out Woman Within.  They are always running specials and you get free shipping if you use their credit card.  Now that’s frugal!

If you have any home repairs, make sure you purchase the parts from your local hardware store. Stock up on those nuts and bolts and odds and ends and duct tape and foam spray.  Their free advise may prevent a service call!  Now that’s frugal!

The insurance from USPS is a very cheap way to purchase piece of mind.  If something strange happens to your package, you are covered.



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