Trading Binary Options

You have probably heard of binary options and forex.  “Forex” stands for foreign exchange.


This is worth checking out every day to see the new deals: USA, LLC


Make sure to check out generic over-the-counter medications – ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, bismuth, nasal medications, allergy, CoQ10, cough drops, night-time medicine, etc.  The active ingredient is the same and it has the same effectiveness for most people.  Of course, the price is so much less.  Now, that’s frugal!

And if you have low blood sugar – keep the hard candy and gum around to keep everything working right.

While we are on the subject, look into local raw honey to help you with your allergies.  It should be available at your local supermarket or a health food store.  Talk to your health care provider about it.

When you are choosing a health care provider and dentist, make sure to check for ones that are Preferred Providers.  The contracted prices for services are much less, so your discount becomes more after the bill goes through the EOB stage.  Now that’s frugal!

Need a replacement screen for your dryer, check out Amazon.  Certainly better than having dangerous lint floating around your dryer.

If you have access to a discount grocery store, check it out for sure.  They normally purchase, for pennies on the dollar, shipments that are turned away for some reason – late arrival, accident, overstock.  The items are fine, but some merchants refuse incomplete loads or accident loads.  The insurance companies, after paying the claim, need a way to recoup some of their losses, so they sell the load to discount grocery stores.  Sometimes, you can find nearly ready-to-eat restaurant items – for close to nothing!  Now that’s frugal!