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As school comes to a close and the summer plans are forming, now is the time to book and save money:

Orbitz Worldwide Inc

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Lowe’s currently has deep discounts on all brands of appliances, and free delivery over $400.  Their Whirlpool Washer  is huge, reliable, and efficient.  Make sure to buy the extended warranty, and all hook-ups for it.  When it is delivered, they will set it up and make sure it works.  If you have their credit card, you can receive an instant discount or a special financing promotion.  That will save even more money.  Now that’s frugal!



If you are a Sam’s Club member, look into their restaurant gift packs (Steak ‘N Shake, Fuddruckers, Logan’s, Zaxby’s, probably others depending on you location) for deep discounts.  You can normally get 2-$25 card for $40 or 4-$25/2-$50 for $100.  Make sure to check out their clothing values while you are there.  Now that’s frugal!
Sam’s Club

Consider Hobby Lobby for all your home accent needs.  If you follow their sales, almost always there is some department that is 50% off that week.  Each holiday (and after each for the leftovers) all have fantastic discounts.  For the items that are not discounted, you can print out or show your phone to the cashier for 40% off.  They also are some of the best custom framers in town.  Use that discount for some part of the frame (glass, for example).  Now that’s frugal!

If you like tea, check out some of the herbal varieties.  You can drink them by themselves or mix it with black tea for a pleasant flair change.  Celestial has variety packs to allow you to sample different ones.  Bigelow also has a nice selection.

If you have issues with allergies, consider local raw honey and bee pollen.  It will take several weeks to see results.  In the long run, it might save money by avoiding expensive medication and doctor visits.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are in the market for pantyhose, consider Walgreen’s, Wal*Mart and Hanes online, depending on your urgency and how particular you might be for the style, support, size, and shade.  Great discounts and quality at all 3.  Now that’s frugal!

Great Travel Deals – Hotel and Flight

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Orbitz Worldwide Inc

K&N Replacement Air Filters will save money in the long run. They are lifetime filters that need to be cleaned as recommended, but not replaced! Now that’s frugal!


Make sure to take care of your car with fuel additives (as well as an emergency kit with a tire gauge, tire valves, compressor, fix-a-flat, jumper cables).  It will also increase your gas mileage.  Now that’s frugal!

Make sure to keep your paint and deck and flat roof (elastomeric coating really works well and will save energy costs as well) fresh around the house.  Use your local hardware store for added FREE advice.  Now that’s frugal!

Good everyday jeans that will last, at a good price – KMart Route 66.  Much less expensive than the $70 and up designer jeans ($20 without a sale).  Now that’s frugal!

Do you need to get into shape?  Look into getting a Fitbit to help you track your activities and set goals – while having a lot of fun.  See if your company’s wellness program has a discount.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for Tom’s Shoes (buy one share one), believe or not, Amazon {as well as Tom’s itself, of course} has them as well.  As long as you know your size (they run slightly small because they expand to your feet), you are in business!  Fast shipping with Prime.  Now that’s frugal!

Try vinegar and baking soda for most of your household cleaning needs.  It is very effective and much cheaper, without exposure to all those harmful chemicals.  And, it is fun to watch the reaction.  Now that’s frugal!

Check out JC Penney’s for eyeglasses.  Your vision insurance probably has them on their list, they are conveniently located inside shopping malls, they have a nice selection, easy appointments, good prices.  Now that’s frugal!

If you have students in college, don’t forget about sending them something for Easter.  Chocolate, a stuffed animal, a Starbucks card or fast food card or college bucks would all work well.  Check out these items available at Amazon.  If you have Prime, you can save on shipping, get a great price, and a great selection.  Now that’s frugal!

Great Travel Discounts

Hotwire US

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Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.


Once you had recovered from the Holidays, it is time to concentrate on saving money!  Of course, if you have followed our great advice, you have been saving money even through the “expensive months!”

Consider using money orders to pay taxes, judgments, bill collector situations.  This might prevent a bad and unexpected situation in the future.

Make sure to pick up a Sunday newspaper from a large city.  The coupons alone will more than pay for the $2 cost.  Now that’s frugal!

Sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards.  You will get exclusive deals each week and earn points for certain purchases.  Prescriptions always earn 500 points.  You can redeem the points for purchases of any kind at Walgreens.  Make sure not to earn points and attempt to redeem points in the same transaction.  Free money, basically.

For great deals on quality costume jewelry, watches, knives, handbags, and so much ore, go to  Normally, the prices are around 20% of retail, and they will send you emails regularly with virtual funds and specials.  An easy way to save money.  Now that’s frugal.

Since it is winter, make sure you have working jumper cables, a working air compressor, a few extra fuel cleaners.

If you have never tried Papa Murphy’s, you really should.  It is a make and take pizza place.  Of course, the prices are much less since they do not cook your pizza.  They make it for you and you bake it at home.  There is no compromise in taste.  Same taste, less money.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are a Christian, consider supporting the local Christian radio station.  They are normally supported entirely by listeners – businesses and listeners.  Try to convince others to do so as well.

If you are looking for inexpensive life insurance, check out American National.  They have some really thrifty term policies that can be converted into whole life policies.  Some levels do not require any type exam or testing.  Check it out!

Car Rental Deals

As summer approaches and vacation plans come together, look for the best car rental deals.  Shop online to save time and money.

If a road trip is planned and your car is not as new or reliable or gas-efficient as you would like, renting a car may be an option that actually makes you money!

With gas prices as high as they are, just a few hundred miles with a 30 mpg or better car will put you in the positive, even with the airport parking fee.

With Thrifty Car Rental, you can now save an extra 5% off the bat:

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Thrifty Car Rental also has special promotions through June 22nd:

Rent Standard Car for $23.99/day through June 22, 2013.

Rent a Midsize SUV for $33.99/day at participating locations from April 26- June 22, 2013.


If you are looking at a small move (or helping your student get back home from college), renting a U Haul make actually be more expensive with their $19.99 but only 12 mpg versus an SUV rental.  Calculate to find out.

Remember to regularly stop by your local salvage grocery store to save money on so many items.  If you don’t mind buying in bulk (not always though) or finding recipes for commercial restaurant items, this is for you.  The prices are pennies on the dollar, normally.

Keep your outside pet cage in good shape.  Alternate pine chips (better for soaking up moisture) and cedar chips (better for the smell.)  Make sure to get flea/tick medicine for your furry children.  Consider going to the vet so you can get a brand that works well.  Saving money and having fleas and ticks in your house would not be a good move here.

Ask you health care provider about trying glucose pills if you have low blood pressure, especially if you are an athlete.

If you have slightly leaky pipes, perhaps it is something simple like a missing/worn gasket, small pipe that needs replacing, a loose pipe…  A few dollars at the hardware store and 30 minutes could solve your problem.  A small clog could sometimes be fixed using a leader hose.

If you use propane for heating, consider pre-buy.  To keep the cash flow going, propane companies set up pre-buy opportunities.  Look at your previous usage to see how much you need.  You will get a guaranteed price and it will be pre-paid.  If the winter is a bad one and the price goes crazy, you will be incredibly happy you did this!  Make sure the company offers credit for any unused portion.

If you are in the market for loose tea, look on Amazon for the special tea pot set and an import store for a large selection of loose tea.

It seems like there are quite a few birthdays in the summer.  If you are one of those that cannot bake a birthday cake (or not really into doing it), consider an ice cream birthday cake from Dairy Queen.  They are reasonably priced and normally available immediately.  They will write a message on it while you wait.  You may want to make sure they have one in stock before you go, just in case.  Now, you can get blizzard flavors also!

In a hurry for dinner?  Consider trying a super sub sandwich from your local grocery store.  Normally priced at $6-$8, it traditionally has 3 meats and  3 cheeses on a French or Italian loaf.  Feeds 4-6.  Check it out!

Looking for cheap sports entertainment?  Consider attending a minor league sporting event.  The tickets are a fraction of the cost of major league games, the crowd is constantly entertained, and the food is actually a little cheaper.  If you really try, you can probably get free tickets from local companies that buy season tickets for their clients/customers.   Check it out!



Best Vacation Deals

Book your vacation today! Best vacation deals:


120x60 Unpublished Rate Hotels

Great suction power and accessories, very reasonably priced.  30 foot power cord, HEPA filter, great pet upholstery accessories.  Check it out!

Staying with the house theme, if you have a basement, it probably gets very musty and nasty smelling if you do not get rid of the humidity.  Consider the 50 pint Frigidaire dehumidifier.  It works for everyday use and if there is a puddle or two after rains.  You can dump the bin or actually drain it with the hose connection.  There is a very convenient fill indicator on the front.  Very reliable and a pleasant white noise.  It should last several years even under continuous use:



Try to find a local salvage grocery store for great deals on slightly dented or overstock items.  Sometimes, restaurant chain prep food is even available!

Don’t forget to invest your $2 (or so) in that big city Sunday newspaper for $200+ in coupons (most weeks at least).

Taco Bell’s new Cool Ranch Tacos kinda missed the mark.  The taste is very subdued.  Even for those who like Cool Ranch better than Nacho Cheese, stick with the original Locos Tacos, or go with a traditional taco supreme.

If you love sports, consider becoming trained as an official – either in local county program or through the state high school association.  Some organizations even offer free training.

For great deals on area rugs, check out Ballard Designs.  They always seem to have different rugs marked down.  The quality and durability are both very good.  Free shipping is also available.

If you want your area rugs to last longer and be more comfortable, consider purchasing a rug pad – normally available at your local flooring dealer.  Even older rugs will benefit!

Have you ever tried to find a place to purchase just a few pieces of your nice silverware?  Normally, at department stores, you have to buy an entire large set for 8 or 16.  Well, check out  You can get hard to find pieces, single pieces, 2 forks 1 knife 3 spoons, etc.  Obviously, superior quality.  Don’t forget that they will buy your mismatched items as well!  Places like Bed, Bath and Beyond are also an option.  Sometimes, if you find it online or order it while in the store, you can get free shipping to the store.

You can find discounts on so many items such as designer clothes, household items, gifts at places like Ross’, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, JC Penney’s.  For hair and beauty supply discounts, go to Sally’s.  You can save even more with their club card that is just $5 and lasts an entire year.  The hair products are basically the same ones you can buy at your local hair salon for just a fraction of the cost!  For gently used clothes that are in great shape, try Plato’s Closet.  They are very particular about the clothes they buy from people (including you), so the quality is very good.  Designer jeans for anywhere from $10 to $20.  Check it all out!

Make sure you always have an assortment of hand tools in your car – just in case.  If you need to use one at home, it will be available.  Visit your local hardware store to be prepared.

Need a quick dinner idea?  Consider a super sub from your local grocery store.  Prices are normally $5-8, 3 kinds of meat, 3 cheeses, on a 15-18 inch french bread loaf.  It might just feed the entire family.

After you used up all the leaves in your yard for your dog cage, it is time to switch back to pine and cedar chips.  Alternate for better absorption and odor control.

Consider switching to CFL lights in your house.  They are more energy efficient and last longer.

If you are an athlete with low blood sugar, consider trying glucose pills.  You can even dissolve them in powerade/gatorade to help with hydration and sugar levels at the same time.  Your enhanced performance awaits.

If you have allergy issues, consider a daily spoonful of raw, natural LOCAL honey – available at most supermarkets.

Save money on your heating bills: buy a radiator heater – in fact, buy more than one.  It is normally sufficient to heat bedrooms at night with the furnace down 10-20 degrees.  Also make sure to change your furnace filter monthly.

If you have a burned out light in your car, go to your local auto part store.  Sometimes there are more than one under the cover.  Places like O’Reilly’s and AutoZone will normally even replace it for you.  That way, you don’t have to spend time in it, the right tool is available, and the right bulb is in place.

Here could be a really nice money saver if you are having trouble with a kitchen or laundry appliance:  most people start looking into a new item instead of seeing if it can be fixed.  You will need to spend a little time on the internet researching the needed item.  It is normally available locally.  If you have a friend in the repair business, they may be able to get it for you at an even greater discount.  For example, a heating element on a multi thousand dollar stove could be around $50.  There should be a youtube video showing you how to replace the part.  If you are uncomfortable ding this yourself, they still have handymen that can do it for you.

If you are looking for a way to preserve your precious family memories, consider scrapbooking.  It will allow you to have a time capsule of pictures, programs, articles, your thoughts and creativity – for all to see many years into the future.  Just imagine people you have never met looking at these moments in time, as you prepare each page.

For those extra special pictures, consider making your own frames.  Hobby Lobby is an excellent place for supplies.  Go online to find 40% and 50% off coupons on a fairly regular basis.  These can be used for any one item.  Also, sign up for their email club and receive discounts in your inbox!




Great Travel Deals

Are you ready to travel?  Are you ready for a vacation?  Whether you are going for business, pleasure, or a combination, everyone is looking for great travel deals.

Of course, everyone does have their travel packing list on their excel spreadsheet – right?  OK, you can laugh, but it is just a matter of time until you too join the bandwagon.  If you do not make a list, you will probably forget something.  If you are in the habit of making lists and you compare your lists from the last 3-4 trips, you will find they are very close to being identical.  So, it just makes sense to have it permanently available as a spreadsheet (or word document, if you prefer the “old school” way).

If you are looking for discount travel deals, online travel deals, the best last minute travel deals, family travel deals, or a great deal finder, you should consider Expedia Travel.  You will have no trouble taking care of the flight, car rental and hotel – all in one shot and one site, with great discounts!  Save up to 50%! Now, that’s frugal!

Get Great Deals at Expedia!



Even though most people think mall prices are normally higher, sometimes really good deals can be found.  Places like Old Navy and Maurice’s almost always have certain groups of their clothing on sale.  If you are not looking for a certain article, this could be worth checking out.

What over the counter pain reliever do you prefer?  Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Alleve?  It just might depend on the nature of your pain.