King Size Pillows – Hotel Luxury Suite Comfort

If you think a king size pillow is too big, it might be if you do not have a king size bed. If you do, you should look into buying some. Remember the last time you stayed in a hotel in a king size bed with king size pillows? It just seemed so comfortable and luxurious. You can have that feeling at home!

Don’t forget the pillowcases – Egyptian cotton:

And sheets:

Of course, you need a new mattress to go with your fancy pillows.  If you are waking up stiff and sore and your mattress is lumpy and a few years old, it is time.  If you find out that you and your spouse have similar sleep numbers, then you can save money and go next door or across the street to MattressFirm.  Since you have narrowed down your range and know whether you want soft, medium, firm, or extra firm, you can now try out the beds.  They are very interested in sales, so they will definitely negotiate with you.  You can even buy in an entirely different city or state and have it delivered to your home (as long as there is a warehouse close, which there more than likely is – make sure to confirm first.). They will even deliver and haul away for less than $100 extra.  Certainly worth it.  They normally have clearance beds and they even have a 120-day sleep happy guarantee.  There is even financing available for those that need it.  Save money and sleep better, now that’s restful and frugal!


HURRY, HURRY – November 1st through November 6th:

Best Buy Co, Inc.


Make sure to sign up for Sonic’s Text Alerts, so you can get special info about 50 cent corn dogs, for example.   Weekends (Friday through Sunday) after 5 p.m. and on October 31st.  Now that’s frugal!

If you enjoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you probably gripe every time you have to buy it since it is rather pricey most places.  Aldi has awesome prices: less than $3.50 per bottle!  Pick up some other inexpensive items while you are there.  Remember your “Aldi’s Quarter.”  Now that’s frugal!

For some of your other import grocery needs, Amazon probably has it.  Their supply is there almost always, the selection is better than just about any import store, and the prices are very competitive.  Even if it is not Prime, some will have free or very reduced shipping.  Now that’s frugal!

Popeye’s Fried Shrimp Basket is spectacular.  Those perfectly fried Cajun Shrimp, in large quantities, with two sides for only $4.99!  Now that’s frugal!

If you are an AARP member, make sure to check out Outback Steakhouse.  Great food, with a 15% AARP discount.  Just show them your membership card.  Now that’s frugal!

If you, or anyone who know, is planning a wedding, make sure to contact the hotels next to the wedding location to arrange for the wedding special block of rooms.  Narrow it down to three and have them bid against each other.  Make sure they are at least Holiday Inn, Marriott, etc level. is an excellent resource.

Make sure to frequent your local restaurants.  You are bound to see potential customers for your own business and have an ally in the restaurant owner.  Great for your own business.

If you are trying to be healthier with a low carb diet, try Mission Smart Balance Tortillas.  They only have 6 grams of carbs each and actually taste like regular tortillas (unlike some of the other thinner kinds, that do not.)

If you need a probiotic drink, try Lifeway Kefir.  It is like a yogurt drink, but better.  In comes in about 10 yummy flavors and taste great.  Not too bad for carbs wither!

If anyone in your family is allergic to peanuts, try Almond Butter.  Jif has the best tasting variety.  No need to stir and great taste.  Shop around for the best price, including Amazon.

Consider using Borax in your washer to brighten clothes as well as a paste to keep away bugs around doors and windows.  Bleach works well to clean slow-draining pipes.

Orscheln’s currently has cinder blocks on sale for only $1.75 each!  Make sure to bring your “loading” gloves, which they also sell.  Now that’s frugal!

If you need glasses, consider JC Penney’s optical department.  Make sure to check your vision insurance first, but most have it on their lists.  They have a great selection, great prices and service.  Your purchase also qualifies for rewards if you are a JCPenney Rewards Member – for future savings throughout the store.  Now that’s frugal!

Nostalgia and future all rolled up in one:  LED Edison light bulbs!  They have a nice amber glow and look like the original light bulb.  Since they are LED, they will last practically forever and use almost no electricity.  (Better thrash CFL lights, and safer.) Now that’s frugal!

If you need to cover up some imperfections on your ceiling, or you want to make it look like you have old-fashioned tin ceiling tiles, consider purchasing foam ceiling tiles.  Ceiling Tiles by US is a great place to check out.  The prices are a fraction of the cost of tin, so much easier to install (instant glue in a caulking tube), much safer (no cut hands and fingers), and they even double as insulation for the weather.  Now that’s frugal!

While you are taking care of your ceiling, do not forget about the walls.  Exotic-looking and stunning wallpapers at knock-your-socks-off prices are available at Steve’s Blinds and Wallpapers.  Now that’s frugal!

Custom Sized Custom Designed Rug

You can make your own rug – just about any size.  There are indoor AND outdoor rugs available.  It is just really fun to design your own rug.  It is perfect for dogs, too.

Check it out:

The Perfect Rug - 1 - 728x90

Let us continue on the home makeover theme.  If you want completely breathtaking wallpaper that looks just like incredibly expensive tiles, go to greatwallonline.  It will  knock your socks off.  Prices start as low as $24.99 per roll!  You may even want to try it on your stairs to create a beach feel.  They also murals of city scenery and landscapes.  They have children’s designs.  You can also design your own mural!  Some selections are 10%.  Now that’s frugal!

How many of you want a hot tub? The cost has probably kept you from seriously considering it. Intex has taken care of that with their inflatable, inexpensive version {less than $400!}  It is highly recommended. The care is minimal (Wal*Mart is great about carrying all of the supplies you need) and you can even put it in your basement – wow!

Great way to save money on your printer ink needs – go refurbished and save hundreds per year. Better yet, get a nice set of cartridges for even more savings! Now that’s frugal!


Don’t forget your rose bushes and other flowers and bushes.  Inexpensive trellis from Wal*Mart will help them grow how you want them to.

Let your fingers do the walking:  touch up paint, hardware – even weird stuff (coat hook, door stop) – Amazon it!  Save money and time!  Now that’s frugal!

As summer is approaching, check into seeing an MLB game in your area.  If you do business with any vendors, they will probably come up with some comp tickets for you.  If it is a big vendor, they might even spring for a hotel room for a night.  If so, live a little and order room service, do the valet parking.  You may then sing the praises of the Ballpark Hilton!

Make sure to ask your vet about NexGard for fleas and ticks.  It is chewable, beef flavored and made by Frontline.  It works great and is so much easier to apply!  Normally, they have BOGO or B3GO type specials.  Now that’s frugal!

Check out TJ Maxx for nice prices on costume jewelry and inexpensive watches.  Great accessories at great prices!  Now that’s frugal!

If you need to make a large amount of cupcakes, go to Amazon for professional cupcake holders of all kinds for minimal cost – and 2 day Prime delivery!

Make sure to sign up for Pizza Hut’s email and text clubs.  Free breadsticks with your pizza order!  Now that’s frugal!

Free entree with the purchase of same at Houlihan’s.  Sign up for that club!  Now that’s frugal!

Get $3 off that Dairy Queen birthday cake (you know, the one everyone loves) when you sign up for their club! Now that’s frugal!

HuHot BOGO birthday buffet when you sign up for their club!  Now that’s frugal!

Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike. It is great for people who want to take stress off of their knees when exercising. You do not have to worry about weather conditions when you want to ride a bike. Make sure you look into the extended warranty as well. It takes a little while to assemble, but just follow the instructions, and it will work out fine. It is very smooth and keeps track of your speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Very nice at a nice price!

If you have not considered Sam’s for your new mattress, make sure to check them out for great savings:

Sam’s Club


This is a good time of the year to look at some of your trees to make sure they are healthy.  If the leaves do not look right, take one to a local extension office or a farm supply store.  They will guide you to the right fertilizer, pesticide, or fungicide to help save your trees – for minimal cost.  Now that’s frugal!

Do you have a newer car that already has satellite radio?  Then you probably have a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month free deal.  So you are probably hooked on it and want to continue.  If you have an older car, you can still get an intro deal.  Check out Sirius XM’s website for details, or contact their marketing department to get the deal.  If you want to save money, just get their basic channel’s for less than $40 for 3 months!  Now that’s frugal!

The many health benefits of fish oil – ask your health car provider about it.  Being healthier always saves money.  Now that’s frugal!

Amazon, as well as Sam’s, are two great sources for vitamins, and other supplements.  Especially if you have something you take regularly, the savings can really add up!  Now that’s frugal!

As spring has sprung, it is a good time to look at home repairs and face lifts.  Start with small things that require more elbow grease and imagination than money.  Spackling, special primer that covers up mold (Lowe’s), bathroom tiles, so many tools.  Inexpensive Ceiling Tiles, back splashes peel and sticks squares that look like tile (Tac Tac Tile), and awesome-looking wallpapers from Amazon with Loctite glue in a caulk gun can hide many imperfections.  Now that’s frugal!

Gently used clothes at a fraction of the cost: Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet.  They are very meticulous about the condition of the clothes they accept, so you are safe there.  The prices cannot be beat.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for an inexpensive coffeemaker, consider looking at Walgreens.  They commonly run specials and you can use for Balance Rewards points to maybe get it for free!  Now That’s frugal!

Make sure to sign up for  birthday clubs, email clubs and texting clubs for local restaurants.  Places like Applebee’s, Arby’s, Bob Evans, Baskin Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings,Burger King, Captain D’s, Chili’s, Chipotle, Colton’s, Cracker Barrel, Culver’s, Dairy Queen, Denny’s, Dippin Dots, El Charro, Famous Dave’s, Fazoli’s, Firehouse Subs, Fuddrucker’s, Golden Corral, Hardee’s, Houlihan’s, Huhot, IHOP, Jimmy John’s, KFC, Logan’s, Longhorn’s, McAlister’s, Moe’s, Old Chicago, Outback, Panda Express, Panera, Papa Murphy’s, Penn Station, Pizza Hut, Popeyes, Qdoba, Red Robin, Rib Crib, Ruby Tuesday’s, Ryan’s, Schlotzsky’s, Sonic, Steak N Shake, Subway, Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, TGIFridays. Waffle House, Wendy’s, Which Wich.  All of these places either have instant deals, birthday deals, anniversary deals, or periodic deals.  It is free to sign up.  Also, make sure to look on the receipts for surveys that will get you FREE food as well.  Buy gift cards in $10 increments so they will go further at gifting times.  Buy a gift card to score points with your sweetie.  Talk about a win-win situation!  Now that’s frugal!

A good source for those restaurants gift cards is Amazon.  You can use points from various reward cards. gift card money on your Amazon account, an Amazon co-branded credit card where you get 3% back from all Amazon purchases!  Mothers’ Day will be coming up before you know it.  Now that’s frugal!

Do yourself a favor and take an Amtrak trip somewhere.  For around $60 one way, you can make memories that last a lifetime.  You do not have to worry about finding a bathroom or food on the way.  The food in the dining car is excellent.  The snack bar food works well for between meals.  The “driver” can still see the sites.  Highly recommended!  You may catch yourself singing:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Feel the wheels rumbling ‘neath the floor
And the sons of Pullman Porters, and the sons of Engineers
Ride their father’s magic carpets made of steel
And, mothers with their babes asleep rocking to the gentle beat
And the rhythm of the rails is all they feel.”

Join Amtrak’s rewards program for free trips!  Now that’s frugal!

Shop Matresses

Think Sam’s Club for great deals on mattresses:

Sam’s Club

Once you have your bed, make sure you stay warm in it with a Sunbeam electric blanket.  Since they run specials from time to time, you will have the check the prices to see which sizes are the best deal.  If you have a king size, sometimes it is better to get two twins.  It just depends on the prices at the time.  This will also allow you to turn down the thermostat on the furnace and save money on heating.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are in the market for a toaster oven, consider the Delonghi RO2058 Convection Toaster Oven:

It is also a convection oven and rotisserie.  There is plenty of room for a small frozen pizza or 6 -8 slices of toast (depends on the type of bread).  It is made by a very reliable Italian company and so reasonably priced.  However, do not bother with the puller – it is hard to use and to store.  Also, make sure not to pull the grate too far out.  All in all, a very qulaity product.  Highly recommended!


If you have a house or car loan, consider paying extra to whittle down your debt faster.  Just to give you an idea, for a $20,000 loan over 72 months, adding about $25 per month will shorten the loan period by 6 months.  An additional $50 will shorten it by 12 months.  It is a linear relationship, so calculating other numbers are fairly easy.  Of course, you pay much less in interest as well.  If you do not want to unnecessarily mix credit reports and accounts, a money order will take care of that potential quagmire.  Obviously, this works even better for a 360 month (30 year) house loan.  Be frugal – save interest!

Speaking of houses, start looking at your local home improvement stores for air conditioner covers for the winter.  This seems to be the time when they are on sale.  For less than $5 per outside unit, you can make sure each unit has a greater chance of keeping you cool next summer.  Great way to save money by extending your unit’s lifespan.  Now that’s frugal!

Continuing this thought, when is the last time you stained your deck?  Every 2-3 years is the recommendation.  This is a good time of year since the leaves have not quite started falling yet.  Your local home improvement store will help out again.  Make sure to get a good quality stain.  Normally, their own brands are made by a reputable company like Sherwin Williams.  If you need to replace a board or two, they can help you with that as well.  Make sure you pick up disposable gloves because it is so difficult to get that oil-based stain off of your hands.  So much less money than a new deck!  Now that’s frugal!

Are you, or should you be, in the market for a storm door?  You can easily pay thousands and still need to get it installed somehow.  Well, here is a money saving idea:  check with your local glass company.  You would be surprised how many of them have a very reasonably priced, glass storm door that they will order, deliver and properly install – all for around $300 or so!  At that price, you can replace all of your doors and save money on utilities as well!  Now that’s frugal!

Save money on your electric bill – consider buying CFL lights.  The prices have gone down enormously and the seem to last longer than they used to.  They now have “instant on” to eliminate that drawback.  They use such a small fraction of energy compared with regular light bulbs. Now that’s frugal!

If you have a fireplace/insert, make sure to check your grate so it is ready for the upcoming winter.  If it needs upgrading, consider getting the basket type that sits low to the ground.  It keeps the coals closer and you actually use less wood.  Now that’s frugal!

Are your smoke alarms in good shape?  Make sure you change the batteries every 6 months.  If they are 10 years old or older, it is time to replace the unites themselves.  If you shop around, you should be able to find ones that are under $10 each.

As you think of colder weather and search for that perfect Christmas gift, consider a Merino Wool Aran Sweater.  It is such a classic style that will always be fashionable.  It is great even in wet weather.  Just drip dry.  The best place for an authentic “Irish fisherman’s” sweater is  It even ships in less than 2 weeks- all the way from Ireland.  Considering the years and years of use and classic looks, the price tag that is just north of $100 is a great value.  Now that’s frugal!

So, you are in the mood for a good soup – right?  You just have to check out Bear Creek soup mixes.  You basically boil 7 or 8 quarts of water, whisk in the mix, and simmer for 10 to 20 minutes.  It is long enough for it to become thick and delicious.  Some of them you need to add milk or tomato paste.  Normally, adding seafood, ground beef, chicken, turkey, make it even more filling.  There are so many varieties: chicken noodle, vegetable, tortilla, cheddar broccoli, potato, chili, gumbo, navy bean, clam chowder.  Your local supermarket should have these for around $3.  With the addition of bread, biscuits or crackers, you can feed 6-8 people.  Now that’s frugal!

How long has it been since you have been to Pizza Hut’s pizza and salad buffet?  With today’s restaurant prices, you can’t beat $5.99 per person.  Most of the time, you can even find a coupon in your local paper for $1 off.  Now that’s frugal!

Try Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu.  You can choose from 1 of 5 appetizers, and then 2 entrees from 7 choices – all for $20.  Perfect for date night.  Great food, great choices, great prices.  Now that’s frugal!

People who have hair, especially women, know how expensive hair care can be.  High quality shampoos, hair color, curlers, straighteners, hair dryers, brushes, can all eat you alive.  You can find the same quality items at hair salons if you go to Sally Beauty Supply for a fraction of the cost.  If you join their beauty club (only $5 per year), you receive special member pricing on non-sale items and discount coupons.  Now that’s frugal!

Custom-Sized Rugs

The Perfect Rug - 3 - 300x250


If you or you child has a student loan, do your best to pay at least the interest while they are in school.  Subsidized loans do not accrue any interest while they are in school (as well as during the deferment period), but unsubsidized ones do.  This will be very beneficial in the long run so you are not paying interest on interest.

This is a good time of the year to check your roof areas for repair possibilities.  For minor repairs, grab some roof repair in a tube and a putty knife.  General repair caulk is always good to have on hand.  “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Sometimes, you just get a craving for Taco Bell.  Their 10 taco box allows a choice of soft, hard and bean burritos.  All this for only $11.90.  You can also try the Taco Twelve and mix in Locos Tacos.  You can feed at least 4 if not 5 people.  Now that’s frugal!

Speaking of Taco Bell, if you are waiting to get reviews on their breakfast before going, wait no more.  It is excellent!  It is a little different than the other guys, but different is good in this case.  Waffle tacos, scramble burritos, crunchwrap with a hash brown hidden in it.  The prices are in line with the other guys as well.  Check it out!

If you are a fan of gyros, but not a fan of the cost of take out, go to Aldi’s.  Their gyro kit makes 5 gyro sandwiches and is only $7.  Make sure you defrost it in the frig overnight.  This makes it so much easier.  Great taste, great cost, great convenience.  Now that’s frugal!

If you have a burned out bulb on your car, take it to O’Reilly’s or Auto Zone.  They will make sure you get the right replacement bulb for much less than list price.  If you go when they are not busy, there is a good chance they will even help you change it out!

Create Your Perfect Patio or Deck

Create your perfect patio or deck: USA, LLC


Make sure you have the essential repair items for household repairs: caulk, touch up paint, brushes, vegetable spray, great stuff, aluminum braces, painting disposable gloves.  You will be ready for some of the honey-do items before they get on the list.  And, of course, save money in the long run by avoiding larger repairs or calling someone.  Now that’s frugal!

If you need to repair an appliance or need a part for an appliance you may have found at a yard sale or thrift store, look no further than  They have over 2 million parts in stock, with pictures and diagrams to make sure it is the correct part – and 2 day shipping.  Right part, great prices, quick service.  Now that’s frugal!

Did the winter do a number on your car battery?  It does happen.  Consider a CarQuest battery.  Get a nice 24 month, maintenance-free battery for around $100 with a core return. They make it super simple by helping you take your old one out.  You can even order online and pick it up in the store. Nice deal!

If you heat completely, or partially, with propane, consider pre-buying your propane for next winter.  Of course, no one knows the prices for that far in the future, so there is a slight risk.  However, since this past winter the prices were completely insane – 2.5 to 3 times the expected rate – you will basically buy insurance to prevent this.  Also, it seems so much easier to come up with the money in the off months versus the cold months, especially with Christmas and year-end expenses mixed in there.  Stay warmer next winter.  Now that’s frugal!

Did you know Avon, yes Avon, had shoes?  They have some casual slip on shoes for just $17.  Very comfy and stylish.  Check it out!

If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of jeans that look good and are well made, consider Route 66, sold at KMart – for only $15.  Now that’s frugal!

Like movies?  Redbox is hard to beat at just over a dollar per movie.  Make sure to reserve it online so you do not have to go all over town to find your movie.  Best part is it can be returned basically anywhere in the country.  Sign up for their email AND text club so you can get discount and FREE coupons/codes.  Now that’s frugal!

This is such a great time of the year to walk your dog.  If yours has a little too much pep, consider a dog harness to help keep them more focused.  It is safer for the dog and for you.  Your arms will not hurt and their neck will be saved.  Make sure you have some doggie treats to help with the training!

Vent Free Gas Logs

If you live in a cold area, consider vent free gas logs.  They will go into your existing fireplace.  Although a natural fire has its place, it does take some work to get a roaring fire going.  With these vent free gas logs, you simply turn the knob and start sweating.  They are available for natural gas or propane.

Make sure to contact a licensed fitter to run the gas line.  Also, when ordering, specify whether it will be for natural gas or propane.  Since they are about 99% efficient, it is actually more economical than using your furnace, especially if your fireplace is in a central part of the house.

If you have another fireplace with an insert, or do not want to do the gas log road, do some research in your area for the best firewood.  Make sure it is seasoned properly so it will burn easily, if it is important to you – make sure it is split.  Make sure to buy a tarp or two or three so it can be covered to protect it from rain, snow, extreme cold, etc.

Make sure to pick up some radiator and utility heaters for strategic placement around the house so you can turn down your thermostat, especially at night and while the sun is out.


Flex Seal can be used for so many repair projects.  Since it comes out a liquid, it can penetrate into cracks and holes much easier.  It is basically liquid rubber that dries to rubber.  It can be used for gutters, window trims, roofs, driveways, pipes, and much more.  It comes in black and white.  Choose the color that blends in best for your project.

Remember those grocery store super subs to feed your crew tonight (or sports teams, with multiple ones of course).  Multiple meats, multiple cheeses on a large french/italian loaf.  Even better when time is a factor due to “soccer mom” activities.  You can even bring some of it to the game if you need to!

With winter weather upon us, make sure to check your wiper blades and batteries.  Sup-zero temperatures and winter precip will just demolish these.  If you go to an auto parts store like O’Reilly’s, they will change your wipers for free.  They will also perform tests on your battery and alternator for no charge.  If you buy your new battery from them, they will normally replace it for free so you “do not have to worry about the core charge.”  Great marketing for them, and great fortune for you!

If you have a chip in your windshield, make sure to get it fixed before it becomes a crack.  The $35 spent will end up saving you a bundle and keep you on track for passing your inspection!

If you need luggage to travel, consider duffel bags.  They are much easier to pack and stuff then traditional luggage.  There are extra pockets, shoulder handle, even wheels for some.  Prices are lower than luggage also.  Sports bottles will save you money and the environment.  Check out your local sporting goods store, especially with the Christmas specials going on now.

King Size Mattress in a Box

If you are in the market for a new king size mattress in a box, you are in luck. If you have not heard of mattresses in a box, they are catching on like wildfire.  Compare prices with a traditional mattress, and you will see why.  Most of the time, the box springs are still in good shape when the mattress wears out.

If you want to have a king size or queen size bed up stairs that may be too small for a traditional mattress, the mattress in a box is for you!

King size, queen size, full size and twin size are all available.  With the prices ranging from $199 for the twin to $299 for the king size mattress, this is definitely worth a look. Now, that’s frugal!

Great Bed if you have aches and pains!!
My husband and I purchased this mattress about 4 months ago and I wanted to wait to write a review and let the newness wear off. It is a wonderful mattress. We both were waking up with back aches, hip aches (I’m 41 and he’s 51) and the first night in our new bed was like sleeping on a cloud. We no longer have the aches and pains we once woke up to. We just love it and every night we crawl into bed we say “Ahhhhh, I love this bed” It was well worth it. Great bed for a great value!! Now I was concerned when it came shrink wrapped and in a small box and thought “oh my this should be good!” I thought perhaps I spent our hard earned money on another let down but NO I didn’t. We are very pleased and it is the most comfortable bed we ever had. I’m not a big fan of online purchases but Im glad I went out on a limb on this one. Don’t hesitate, go for it!

Great Buy
I cannot describe the wonder of great sleep on this bed. Like others before me have said, do not let the packaging fool you, this is a great buy. I will definitely buy another for my daughter and guest bedroom.


Slumber 1 – 10” Pillow Top Mattress


You can never have enough Pepto Bismol around the house. First we learned about it in chemistry class (Bismuth subsalicylate). Such a wonder drug it has been called.

If you need new bras and pantyhose, check out K Mart.  Their quality is better than some of the other big box stores, and the selection is surprisingly good.

If you are looking for Halloween costumes, check out:

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

As the weather starts getting colder, it is time to make sure you have enough flashlights
4AA ProPolymer Xenon Yellow Flashlight in Box

and enough lanterns

just in case the electricity goes out.

Get your battery checked for free at your local auto parts store: O’Reilly’s, AutoZone, Pep Boys. If you need it replaced, they sometimes will do that for you – just ask.


Yuasa Battery Yuasa Battery Factory Activated Maintenance Free Battery



Look for extra coupons and sale ads in the large city Sunday newspapers. If you do not live in a large city, look at some of the drug stores to see if they carry these papers – most do.