Best Apple MacPro Deals

Apple Macbook Pro.  There are a variety of RAM and storage options.  Although it is more expensive than a traditional PC, there really is no comparison.  The Apple will last 5+ years from a technological perspective.  The Apple has better resolution.  The Apple can be synched/integrated with your iphone, ipad, iwatch, etc.  The Apple has imovie, which is at least as good as video editing software for the pc that costs over $1,000 by itself. If you have any type of graphics needs, it is the best choice. Most college students know that they will eventually own an Apple.  It is impressive, worth the money, and highly recommended.  Make sure you get all of the software and Applecare with it.  If you are a college student, BestBuy has a coupon you can get off of their site with an .edu address.  You can also get a better deal on the software.  Some colleges actually have free access for programs such as Microsoft Office.  Best Buy and Apple Online are great sources.{Make sure to buy the $5 per month or so theft/damage insurance policy from your homeowner’s policy – it is worth it for piece of mind} Now that’s frugal!

If you need adapters, since some models do not come with any USB or HDMI ports, Apple has some options.  Amazon will have the others you need.  That way, you are ready for anything.


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If you have old pipes, consider using bleach to keep them running better.

Looking for gloves for the snow?  Consider going to your local safety products store and ask for those orange freezer gloves.  Waterproof and warm – just perfect at a fraction of th cost of snow gloves ($5).  Now that’s frugal!

Consider using money orders for paying taxes, payments on judgments/debts to avoid complications down the road.

Check out your local kitchen stores if you have one.  You will get much better quality kitchen products, a better selection, and probably a better price (they do run sales) than the big box alternatives.  Now that’s frugal!

If you have any outlet stores near you, check them out.  Kitchen products, especially knives, clothes, luggage.  Henckels knife prices and quality are awesome!  You will be surprised at how much you save – and at the great selection!  Now that’s frugal!

Don’t forget about the discount stores that are sweeping the nation: TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross’, Home Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  They have some of the same products as the department store, but they get overstock and out of season items for a fraction of the cost.  Now that’s frugal!

That big box store will have some nice values on certain kitchen items.  So compare prices, brands and quality to make sure you get the best deal.  Now that’s frugal!

If you enjoy the hair care products used by your stylist, consider Sally’s Beauty.  They will have the same or comparable products for a fraction of the cost!  Now that’s frugal!

If you have expensive prescriptions, there are plenty of creative ways to save money.  Sometimes, the manufacturer website will have coupons and discounts you can use at any pharmacy.  Some pharmacies have grants and special programs if you go to certain clinics in rural areas that can save you thousands per year!  Now that’s frugal!

Speak with your health care provider about some OTC meds that can help your numbers: COQ10, Fish Oil, various allergy pills, other supplements.  Better numbers, better health, less medical bills.  If you shop carefully at Walgreens and link up your AARP card, your reward points will rack up fast.  Walgreens and CVS also have BOGO or BOG1/2 on something (with your card) almost all of the time.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for very reasonable life insurance rates, without a checkup, then check out American National.  you can do all of the paperwork online, as well as ongoing payments.  Now that’s frugal!

If you enjoy music, you owe it to your self to look into Sirius/XM satellite radio.  If it did not already come with your newer vehicle, you can get a trial period to realize you will love it.  If you do any amount of traveling, it will keep you from becoming frustrated as you look for new channels every few miles.  They have some very nice plans around 40 cents per day.  Now that’s frugal!

Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger

Brother 1034D 3 or 4 thread serger.  This is a very reliable serger that you can use as your main serger or a second one for covered hems only.  Brother is one of the best names in sewing equipment.  It uses standard sewing machine needles and can sew up to 1300 spm.  It can also do ribbon lock and rolled hem stitches.  The two-year square trade protection plan is less than $20 and would add to the manufacturer warranty.  Definitely recommended.

If you need to replace (or add) a room air conditioner, consider a portable unit. It takes just minutes to put into a window area, without any of the big issues that come with window units. It is easy to install and un-install, it does not cause issues with the window structure, it is not unsightly from the street, and it works so so much better! The costs have really come down to where it is very close to a regular window unit. They are available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy,, Wal*Mart, … The Idylis 10K one is recommended, for sure.  Since it is not exposed to the winter, it will have an extended life! Now that’s frugal!

Consider a second small refrigerator – maybe 14 to 16 cubic feet.  It will help you keep your groceries organized, purchase certain products when they are on sale, and it will be so fabulous around the holidays.  It will pay for itself very quickly, and be so convenient.  The Whirlpool 14 cu. ft. from Lowe’s is highly recommended.  Free deliver, installation, and haul away!  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for big and tall clothes, casual clothes for men or women, check this out:


Gift cards are also available.

If the summer heat is getting to you, try a nice oscillating fan on a stand to cool you down. It works surprisingly well:

If you are thinking about remodeling a ceiling or you need to cover up issues on your ceiling, this is your lucky day.  Check out Antique Ceilings’ store on Amazon.  They have page after page of options for PVC 24 inch by 24 inch ceiling tiles that look exactly like really fancy and expensive tin tiles.  They are very easy to work with.  You will receive the best results if you put instant grab glue near the edges and then use a staple gun to secure the tiles.  The results will look professional, and the cost is around $6 per tile!  Now that’s frugal!


If you suffer from mild TMJ, ask your dentist about OTC mouthguards.  Wal*Mart has some reasonably priced ones that are effective.  Now that’s frugal!

Red Robin’s email/text club: FREE burger during birthday month!  Now that’s frugal!

Check into your local half price site (probably through one of the TV stations or newspapers) for regular half price mostly restaurant deals.  Now that’s frugal!

Get your oil changed at one of your local shops.  As you develop a relationship with them, it will help if you need business sponsors for anything.  If a car repair issue comes up, they may just do it for you or guide you toward a cheaper solution.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking to remodel, do your research.  Go to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Walk around.  Watch their videos.  Read the handouts.  Look at the displays.  Talk to the experts there.  See what is out there.  Watch youtube videos.  Go on forums.  You will find better and cheaper ways of doing things  You will find out about things you never knew existed.  You will find you can do more of these things than you realize.  Pick up your items and go for it; so many types of paints, trims, kits to work with cabinets…Make sure you get on the mailing lists for the big box stores to get very nice money saving coupons!  Call plumbers and electricians to do only what you cannot; do the rest yourself to save big!  Make sure you choose someone that will install the products you pick up in advance so you get exactly what you want and save more!  Make sure to check out the Habitat for Humanity Restore and thrift stores.  You will find items at pennies on the dollar!  Now that’s frugal!

Rack Room Shoes has majorly discounted prices on shoes, fantastic specials, rewards for certain money spent, and a text club.  Now that’s frugal!

If there are any outlet malls near you, check them out.  The deals are normally unbelievable compared with shopping mall prices.  You should expect half or less, plus the selection is greater since it is just that brand.  Banana Republic, Nike, Oneida, PayLess and Coach are very good examples.  Now that’s frugal!

If you live near a place like Branson or Las Vegas or a casino, consider going to a concert of a group from your youth.  Most of them are still rocking (as long as the relevant members have not passed away) and their music sounds like you remembered.  The tickets are less than the “popular” groups of today, and the memories are priceless.  You can always find a deal out there.  Now that’s frugal!

Consider using Orbitz when you book your travel.  Their site is very user friendly.  Their prices are about the same as the competitors, but you can normally get it cheaper.  You can almost always find a promo code online PLUS you will earn Orbucks that will come directly off the top!  Now that’s frugal!

Winter Shoes from Crocs


It is never too early to start shopping for winter shoes.  From Crocs, no less:

Crocs, Inc.

Crocs winter boots are very high quality.  They always seem to be running a special of some kind.  Make sure to go to your favorite search engine before you check out to find the discount.  Now that’s frugal!


If your child’s JUNIOR year in high school is starting, make sure you are taking care of the the preparations you need for their college.  Obviously, being able to afford college is the big thing.  Finding the right fit includes that.  There are so many factors to consider.  Go here, to learn how can I afford college.

If you have never been to Panda Express, you should check it out.  In the same fashion as Pasta Express, Qboda, Chipotle, and Fazoli’s, the food is ready cafeteria style and you choose what you want to eat.  The food is hot and ready and very high quality.  The prices are also reasonable and the menu is online for planning purposes.  Highly recommended!

Looking for a good steakhouse?  Colton’s Steak House has really good steaks, awesome baked potatoes, peanuts whose shells you can throw on the ground, and good service – for around $15 per person.  Check it out!

If you have an athlete in the family with low blood sugar, ask you health care provider about glucose pills during sporting events.

Consider checking out Bed Bath and Beyond for household items.  They seem to always have the most popular items.  The best way to go is to find the products on their site, go to Amazon for the reviews, and then use the 40% coupon from your email or phone.  Now that’s frugal!

If you need baking items, consider Hobby Lobby.  They have a great selection of WIlton baking sheets, and all types of cake decorating accessories.  You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.  Just online and have it delivered – either to your house, or perhaps your college student daughter needs to bake in their dorm.  There always seems to be a sale or discount going on.  If you need a strange size sheet pan – like a quarter sized, JC Penney of all places, has it (online, of course).  So convenient and so frugal!

If you are looking for shoes, check out Shoe Carnival and Payless.  They have a very large selection at great prices.  On top of that, they normally have buy one, get the second of equal or lesser value for 50%.  Check it out and save!

If you have not been to Old Navy lately, go back!  The sometimes forgotten clothing store has so many young fashions (and enough for their parents as well) with most of them on some type of special.  Now that’s frugal!