Casio 76 Key Portable Keyboard with Headphones and Stand

This high quality keyboard from Casio also comes with noise-cancelling headphones, a stand, and power supply. It is also MIDI compatible. Best Buy has a price-match guarantee. Definitely worth checking out for those that need portability and lack space, but still want the piano sound. 4.8 stars!  Get the pedal and accident protection if you purchase it from Amazon.

If you are looking for classic area rugs, Steinman Magic Carpets is the place to go.  Great traditional colors and high quality and fit convenient shipping.  They will even make a deal with you – just take advantage of the chat window that appears.   Now that’s frugal!


If you need an inexpensive solution to your mattress need, delivered to your door:

Add a mattress foundation:


Make sure to have plenty of baking soda for cleaning around the house – pipes, silver, frog odors, general cleaning.  It is much less than you think as so much cheaper than all those cleaners.  Now that’s frugal!

If you are looking for a fantastic selection of drawer pulls, go to House of Antiques Hardware.  Their selection is overwhelming and their prices are even better than the big box guys.  Now that’s frugal!

If you credit is not the best, Credit One will help you build it back up.  Their monthly fee is worth it to increase your credit score, so you can save money with lower interest rates on bigger purchases.  Patience, and it will work out.  Now that’s frugal!

Make sure to check out your local Wal*Mart or grocery store for pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.  It is normally around $5 for a small and $8.50 for a large.  It is ready to eat and can feed so many (and sooo good!).  Now that’s frugal!

If you are trying a low carb diet, Wal*Mart and Amazon both have great selections.  Breads, soy pasta are waiting for you.  Decrease those carbs and love those numbers!

Make sure to check out your local Chinese restaurants to see if they have a buffet, especially one with a Mongolian grill.  Unlimited meats – steak, chicken, shrimp – at the grill and traditional Chinese food for around $10.  Now that’s frugal!