Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 4423

This is such a durable, high quality machine, it is hard to believe it is less than $150. It can outperform machines priced at least twice as much. It is a real workhorse. Five star rating from this user, definitely! For straight sewing, it is just incredible!

Great Christmas (and afterwards) gifts for all dog lovers – at 15% off:

Dog Is Good


Make a true difference this year and adopt a family through your office for Christmas.  Use some of your gift money to purchase what is needed and wanted for this less than fortunate family.  People just might see you differently.  You may act differently and become more successful.  You will receive countless blessings!

These sponges are inexpensive and last really well. They can scrub safely almost any type of mess clean. Even tea/coffee stains go away quite nicely. Scotch-brite Heavy-duty Scrub Sponge – 2.8″4.5″ X 590 Mil – 3/pack – Yellow, Green (HD3)

If you recently have purchased (or otherwise acquired) an Ipad, there are so many really nice Apple as well as third party accessories (stand and keyboard to name a couple):

If you like imported foods, check out for great deals.  If you are looking for gift ideas for exotic lamps or tea glass sets, check out  They will look much more elegant than the prices you pay!  Now that’s frugal!

You just can’t beat CiCi’s Pizza Buffet for only $5.89 per person.  Make sure to look for dollars off coupons before you go.  Now that’s frugal!

Consider picking up some McDonald’s gift cards.  The old classic is great for stocking stuffers, to have in everyone’s car/wallet just in case you end up at McDonald’s, and to hand out to people needing food on the side of the road.  Grab a few today!  While you are at it, complete the short survey for a BOGO quarter pounder with cheese or egg McMuffin.  Now that’s frugal!

Make sure you have that CVS ExtraCare card for great discounts.  They will maximize your Atkins coupon regardless oft heir price.  They have specials on products with the card.  Some reviews have it rated higher than the Walgreens card (both are free, by the way).  While you are there, get those last minute restaurant gift cards ( Applebees, Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread) .  Sign up for the loyalty (texting/email) programs, get their apps for deeper discounts and free food!  Now that’s frugal!

Think Hobby Lobby for shelving, frames, home accents, Christmas gift boxes (heavily discounted in December).  You can print out a 40%  coupon daily for non-sale items.  Now that’s frugal!

Consider going to a matinee.  For only $5 (before 6 pm normally), you can watch for first-run movie at a fancy movie theater.  Eat before or after at a nearby cheap place to save even more money!  Now that’s frugal!

Pick up a pump dispenser to save on the consumption of your dish soap and hand lotion.  Now that’s frugal!

Check out the deals on Almay at Walgreens and earn rewards points.  Now that’s frugal!

If you cannot find travel-sized portions of your HBA products, just buy the empty small bottles in the travel section and fill it up yourself to save money!  Now that’s frugal!

Perfect for any type canvas that need to be waterproofed, works really well, really fast: 10.5Oz Patio Protector

Talk to your vet about Vetadryl.  It will help your dogs with their allergies (as well as calm them down if necessary).  Added guests around the holidays may require some of this!

Be prepared before those big snowstorms hit by replacing your wiper blades.  If you go to O’Reilly’s, they will even replace them for you – for free!  Now that’s frugal!

Hanes underwear at KMart – check it out while it is still on sale!  Now that’s frugal!

JC Penney’s has great discounts on clothes (men and women) for Christmas.  Free shipping to the store.  Now that’s frugal!

Amazon gift cards are such awesome Christmas presents.  They can be delivered instantly and redeemed for just about anything under the sun.  You will not overspend this way, save on last minute postage (that may not get there in time), they can get exactly what they want (you can even suggest it in your message).  Now that’s frugal!

Photo calendars from Walgreens.  Arrange it online, use the promo code, pick it up in an hour!  Since it is saved, you can modify the order for another person.  Perfect Christmas present!  Now that’s frugal!

Check out  They have half-price deals on many of your local restaurants.  Those down home steak houses are really good and cheaper than the national chains – especially at half price!  You can even use Coke Reward Points!  Now that’s frugal!

This is not just for the Holidays.  How can anyone resist this:

If you need accent lighting anywhere, consider these rope lights.  They are not just for Christmas!  Make sure to pick up light clips with it: