Samsung Galaxy Centura with Bonus

Samsung Galaxy Centura, with Bonus:

iconStraight Talk is definitely the way to go.  Currently, when you purchase this cellphone, you will also receive as a bonus, a $25 Wal*Mart gift card.  Make sure to check out refurbished phones, for added savings.  Now that’s frugal!


If you have a HyVee nearby, here is a real culinary treat for you:  Their stuffed pork chops are just to die for.  Each one is more than big enough for even hearty appetites.  They come with your choice of stuffings – regular cornbread stuffing, wild rice, walnut stuffing.  All of this for only $2 each!  Now that’s frugal!

Sometimes, you just get a craving for fried chicken that will not go away.  Well, KFC has a family special: 10 pieces of chicken, 2 large sides, 4 biscuits and a free lemon cake – all for only $20.99 plus tax.  That could feed 4 people, if not more.  Now that’s frugal!

Another great dinner idea: 18 inch super sub from your local grocery deli.  For $6, you can feed you family with a tasty meal.  Now that’s frugal!

If you think baked potatoes in the oven take too long and use up too much electricity, check out the Potato Express.  It is basically a cooking bag for baked potatoes in the microwave.  It is fast and tasty and saves money.  Potatoes are really cheap and the Potato Express makes it fun to cook and eat.  And it is only $10.  Now that’s frugal!

If your vehicle has a few scratches, consider buying some touch up paint from O’Reilly’s or Auto Zone.  For around $15, you will get a paint that matches the original color of your car.  Certainly cheaper than a new paint job.  Now that’s frugal!

If your A/C unit is long in the tooth and the HVAC guy gives you an estimate that made you almost faint, consider an alternative.  Window units are so much more efficient and you target the rooms you use, when you are using them.  KMart and Sears always have a Kenmore on sale.  For $150-180, you should be able to find a nice room-sized unit.  These Kenmores are very reliable, very easy to use, and very efficient.  Some local electric companies will even give you a rebate for buying one.  Now that’s frugal!