Remington Pole Saw

If you have ever had trouble with overzealous trees in your yard, the Remington 2-in-1 pole saw may be for you.  It will allow you to reach 15 feet (10 feet of pole plus the approximate height you would be holding the pole) for the harder to reach branches.  It can also be detached to become a lovely hand chain saw.  Make sure to pick up a quart of motor oil for the chain saw.


Pick up a couple of those small pill boxes.  They are great to have on hand to take a couple of pills with when you are on the go.  If you have regular medication, you can even have a dose in your car just in case you unexpectedly eat away from home.

With allergy season upon us, consider trying natural raw unheated honey from a local company.  Most grocery stores will have some.  If not, a health food store will.  Sometimes, it will be the owner or friend that is a bee robber.  Take a spoonful every morning.  You may still need allergy medicine when your allergies are really bad, but you may be able to avoid the pills on a daily basis.  It will take up to a couple months for the full effect, but it is worth it.  Also, make sure you have some of those small packs of tissues to keep your nose clean.

If you have a precious, lovable dog at home that has a medical problem, consider visiting your local vet.  The office visit will probably be less than you think ($20-$30), and the piece of mind is priceless.  Sometimes, just a little medical intervention is all that is necessary to put smiles back on everyone’s faces in the house.

Make sure to only use distilled water in your car when mixing with antifreeze and for flushing the coolant system.  It may not be a bad idea to have a gallon or tow in your trunk as well.

Consider taking all of your cars to the same local oil change place.  They will know your cars and perhaps even help out at inspection time.  Make sure to ask about a loyalty program or coupons.

If you are having a little trouble with your car starting, consider visiting your local auto parts store.  Place like O’Reilly’s will check your system for free. They will even change your battery for no extra charge!  Most people are unaware of this fact.  This was unheard of years ago, but competition has created some of this extra-value service!

With the current price of gas, if your car is not in your garage at night, consider buying a locking gas cap to keep the siphon monsters away.  Most Chilton Manuals are cheaper than 20 minutes of mechanic time.  This should help will smaller repairs.  For larger ones, you will at least know which general area of the car needs attention.  So, for those larger repairs …

Make sure to find a trusted local mechanic.  Ask around and do Internet research if you do not have one.  You can save hundreds if a potential major repair if actually a minor one.  Sometimes a loose wire, fuse or relay may be all that needs attention.

If you are a fan of pasta and Cajun food, look for frozen crawfish tails at your larger size grocery stores.  You can find it at most Wal*Mart Super Centers for less than $10!  Definitely, good eating.

Fruit of the Loom over the ankle sport socks from Wal*Mart are definitely worth looking into.  An eight pack is only $5.87.  They are comfortable, do not get as dirty with the gray bottom, and do not slip off when taking off shoes and boots.  Even with tax, at less than 80 cents per pair, consider a look.

Tostitos Artisan Recipe Chips … better than I was expecting.  When you hear 9-grain baked chip, you are somewhat skeptical before even trying them.  They are quite light and have a nice blend of tastes.  They do taste better with a salsa or creamy dip.  Comes in 4 varieties.  Their cost is about the same as baked Lays.  Definitely worth a try!

If you have a graduating senior, make sure to shop around for graduation announcements.  You can save a bundle!  If your school does not have a “graduation robe closet,” look into starting one.  Paying $30 or more for a one-time use robe is just insane.  If you have children that are close in height and age, save the robe for additional uses.