Poulan Pro Lawn Mower

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, consider a Poulan Pro Lawn Mower.  The name that is perhaps more famous for chainsaws, makes a high quality lawn mower as well:


If you are on a long-term medication and it is close to having its patent expire, make sure to research your options in advance and speak with your health care provider and pharmacist.  Sometimes, companies do very strange things (taking the medication off the market prematurely, for example).  Remember to use your local health clinic and pharmacy for special deals.  Do a little research  – it will pay off.  Some of them receive nice grants that will indirectly benefit you.

Remember to ask your health care provider about glucose pills if you have blood sugar issues, especially if you or your child is an athlete.

Remember to get your oil changed regularly in all of your vehicles – at your local place.  With this economy, you never know when that hometown loyalty will be a future blessing.

With the price of gas at all time high levels, try using a gas additive to increase your mileage.  Keep track to see how much you are saving.  Better gas mileage also means your engine is running smoother, which will benefit you in the long run.  STP makes a good product.  Duralub oil additive will also help with gas mileage and reducing engine wear.  Also, make sure you keep that gas in your own car with a locking gas cap.

If there are any judgments,debts or  taxes that need to be paid, consider using money orders to avoid potential future problems.

Consider shopping at Thrift Stores.  You will be able to pick up very nice clothes for a fraction of the new cost.  Sometimes, there are still tags on them!  Also, places like Plato’s Closet is very particular with the clothes they take (which you can sell to them as well); even though they are slightly more expensive than a thrift store, the quality – especially younger fashions – is worth it.

If you are one of those people that hate dealing with weed trimmer line, consider switching to a polycut blade.  If your weed trimmer can accept the special polycut blade head, your are in business!

If you have an old root canal that is giving you problems, or if it pre-absessing, it may be time to “bite the bullet” and see an endodontist, which is a dentist that specializes in treatment of the inside of the tooth.  Root canal retreatments may set you back about $1,000, but it is better than losing your tooth.  They generally use advanced computer technology to see every small step of the procedure (which they will share with you as well).  Talk to your dental care specialist for more details.

Take advantage of the back-to-school sales to buy your regular office supplies.

If you have a student going to college, pick up some items from time to time and put in a box – toiletries and such, especially.  That way, you can use coupons, wait for sales, and make sure they have what they are used to – one less thing to stress about for all.

Watch for loyalty card deals at places like CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens.  Not only do they have special discounts for card members, they also have points you can earn and use.  The discounts are normally buy one get one at half price for literally hundreds of different items at different times – even important things like chocolate and gum!  They offer bonus points for daily check ins as well as exercising!  Purchasing everyday items like gum, candy, OTC store brand items, will get you there.

With all of that strange whole wheat food at school cafeterias, the shrinking amounts and expanding prices, consider sandwiches.  Different lunch meats, various cheeses, tasty bread and chips will make a good-tasting, nutritious and fun lunch.  If anyone works from home, or away from home, this is a frugal option as well.  You can even do “Subway” or “Quizno’s” style.  You may actually remember that you like sandwiches.

If you want to pick up a supersub for dinner, check out your local grocery store.  A multi-meat, multi-cheese on a french bread loaf should set you back anywhere from $5-$8.  It should feed at least 4!

Gift cards from fast food places are just a perfect gift for stocking stuffers, birthdays, care packages to college, just because, thank you gifts.  McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Sonic, Subway, Wendys, Hardees, Steak N Shake, Arbys, the list just goes on and on.  They will be so appreciated.  If you keep a couple extra on hand, you will always have an emergency gift — or an emergency lunch.

With it being back to school, this IS the time to buy backpacks, lunch containers, office supplies.  Look at Target, Ross’, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Academy, Old Navy.  Especially, lunch containers are very difficult to find after this time of year.