Save Money on Books

Now is the time to save money on books, textbooks, music, movies …

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Do some research to make sure you get the best deals on used books and textbooks.  Sometimes, you will even receive a coupon that will save you $20,$25 if you spend $150!


Need a little extra money?  Try umping in a local league.  It is fun, keeps you involved in sports, keeps you in shape, and you get paid for it!

Looking for an inexpensive dinner?  Try Sonic’s 5 burgers for $5.95 on Tuesday nights from 5 p.m. to close.

For those small engine repairs, consult Google and Youtube and see if you can take care of it yourself and save a bundle! However, make sure to know your limitations.

If your car a/c is not getting cold enough, consider getting a freon recharge.  Make sure to let your fingers do the walking since some places will charge 3 times as much as you should pay.  See if you can get it for around $30.

The latest fashion fad?  Bow ties!  Even the fancy-looking ones are very inexpensive, especially compared to ties ($15).  Try them and watch and listen to people’s nice comments.

For high quality make-up, a great training and personal service, consider Mary Kay.  Their products have always been top notch, you will get your very own beauty consultant for any questions about use and application and always have access to the newest products. And, if you are looking for a business opportunity, check into it for extra spending money or a career – if that is what interests you.

If you have dogs that spend time in their cage on occasion, try some shavings.  Alternate between pine (absorbs moisture better) and cedar (smells better).

Make sure you have enough keys for the house for the summer.  Your family members may be floating in and out more than during the school year and the house may need to be locked more often.  The local discount card may just have a buy one get one free coupon on it for the hardware store.