Car Rental Deals

As summer approaches and vacation plans come together, look for the best car rental deals.  Shop online to save time and money.

If a road trip is planned and your car is not as new or reliable or gas-efficient as you would like, renting a car may be an option that actually makes you money!

With gas prices as high as they are, just a few hundred miles with a 30 mpg or better car will put you in the positive, even with the airport parking fee.

With Thrifty Car Rental, you can now save an extra 5% off the bat:

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Thrifty Car Rental also has special promotions through June 22nd:

Rent Standard Car for $23.99/day through June 22, 2013.

Rent a Midsize SUV for $33.99/day at participating locations from April 26- June 22, 2013.


If you are looking at a small move (or helping your student get back home from college), renting a U Haul make actually be more expensive with their $19.99 but only 12 mpg versus an SUV rental.  Calculate to find out.

Remember to regularly stop by your local salvage grocery store to save money on so many items.  If you don’t mind buying in bulk (not always though) or finding recipes for commercial restaurant items, this is for you.  The prices are pennies on the dollar, normally.

Keep your outside pet cage in good shape.  Alternate pine chips (better for soaking up moisture) and cedar chips (better for the smell.)  Make sure to get flea/tick medicine for your furry children.  Consider going to the vet so you can get a brand that works well.  Saving money and having fleas and ticks in your house would not be a good move here.

Ask you health care provider about trying glucose pills if you have low blood pressure, especially if you are an athlete.

If you have slightly leaky pipes, perhaps it is something simple like a missing/worn gasket, small pipe that needs replacing, a loose pipe…  A few dollars at the hardware store and 30 minutes could solve your problem.  A small clog could sometimes be fixed using a leader hose.

If you use propane for heating, consider pre-buy.  To keep the cash flow going, propane companies set up pre-buy opportunities.  Look at your previous usage to see how much you need.  You will get a guaranteed price and it will be pre-paid.  If the winter is a bad one and the price goes crazy, you will be incredibly happy you did this!  Make sure the company offers credit for any unused portion.

If you are in the market for loose tea, look on Amazon for the special tea pot set and an import store for a large selection of loose tea.

It seems like there are quite a few birthdays in the summer.  If you are one of those that cannot bake a birthday cake (or not really into doing it), consider an ice cream birthday cake from Dairy Queen.  They are reasonably priced and normally available immediately.  They will write a message on it while you wait.  You may want to make sure they have one in stock before you go, just in case.  Now, you can get blizzard flavors also!

In a hurry for dinner?  Consider trying a super sub sandwich from your local grocery store.  Normally priced at $6-$8, it traditionally has 3 meats and  3 cheeses on a French or Italian loaf.  Feeds 4-6.  Check it out!

Looking for cheap sports entertainment?  Consider attending a minor league sporting event.  The tickets are a fraction of the cost of major league games, the crowd is constantly entertained, and the food is actually a little cheaper.  If you really try, you can probably get free tickets from local companies that buy season tickets for their clients/customers.   Check it out!