Epson Workforce 2540

Looking for an all-in-one printer that is reliable and a work horse? The Epson Workforce 2540.  It is very easy to set it up as a wireless printer (without dealing with all of the network mumbo-jumbo), it is a fax, a scanner, flatbed copier, has a semi-auto doc feed.  The ink cartridges are easy to find and easy to change out.  Regularly $129.99, it is on sale for $99.99.

Ready to take your lawn and weeds? Consider a good quality electric curved shaft trimmer. If you do not like to deal with the nylon string, consider replacing the head with one that will accept polycut blades:


If you are looking for a little extra money, consider a local yardsale site to sell some of your unwanted items as you spring clean your house.  Facebook has several.

If you are looking for good quality at a good price casual/dress clothes for ladies, consider going to Cato.  Their selections last very well, are easy to care for, and still look good after many wearings.  They have nice handbags, pants, tops, shoes and easy to find (normally in a strip mall close to a Wal*Mart).

Don’t forget those engine additives this spring.  There are some you can add almost every tank and others you add with every oil change.  Just a 10% boost in gas mileage can save you a bundle; more than enough to pay for the additive.  Make sure to check your tire pressure (and valves) as well.

Make sure to always keep silicone and duct tape around to take care of those leaks, drips, rips, and other minor repairs that can cause major headaches.

If you have had the unfortunate situation of losing a dog, you may want to consider taking it to your vet so they can handle it.  Also consider a rescue dog to rescue and give a loving home.  Make sure if you have other dogs in the house that their shots are up to date to avoid issues with the dog rescue facility.  Sometimes, emotions and frugality can mix.  Make sure to pick up plenty of paper towels and baby wipes to help train that new puppy!  You may also need a new dog collar, leash, name tag, and bed for the puppy and perhaps other dogs in the house – they do wear out after all.  Make sure you take the new dog to the vet for a “well puppy” check-up!

Pick up some cedar and pine (alternate) for the dog cage.  The pine soaks up water better and the cedar smells better.  You can put some of the cedar into cloth bags for your closet and dresser drawers (good smell and keeps moths away).

If you are looking for an inexpensive and casual meal, consider getting a super sub from the supermarket deli.  Pick up some canned soft drinks and chips.  Add some of your own favs (look near the salad dressings for olive salad, pepper salads and other ideas) to have your own sub night!

Fast food gift cards, especially for teenagers and young adults, always make a great gift.  Sometimes, you can get a free drink or small ice cream cone when you purchase a gift card.  Sweet deal!

Look for inexpensive entertainment?  Redbox probably has a location near you.  Make sure to reserve your movie online so you do not have to go to multiple locations to find it.  If you sign up for both the text and email clubs, you will receive perhaps enough coupon codes to avoid ever paying without a discount!

Bring back some childhood memories by picking up a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for a birthday or celebration!

If you like loose tea, compare prices of loose tea with tea bags.  Normally, tea bags are much cheaper.  Sometimes a blend of inexpensive black tea to a fancier brand (Earl Grey), maybe 3 to 1, yields a very pleasant flavor.  A package of loose tea will go much further than you think.  Make sure to use a teapot set to obtain the best brew and flavor.

Although some grocery stores carry import items, you will find a much better selection at an import store.  Whether you pleasure is Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Mexican, you should be able to find a store that fits within that description – either brick and mortar or online.

Consider adding air conditioning window units.  They are normally available at places like KMart for under $150.  Look for sales and research if your local electric company has a rebate program for energy efficient units.  You can turn the units on and off depending on whether the room is used.  Many two story houses just cannot get the upstairs cool (without a second outside unit), so this is a very frugal solution!