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120x60 Unpublished Rate Hotels

Great suction power and accessories, very reasonably priced.  30 foot power cord, HEPA filter, great pet upholstery accessories.  Check it out!

Staying with the house theme, if you have a basement, it probably gets very musty and nasty smelling if you do not get rid of the humidity.  Consider the 50 pint Frigidaire dehumidifier.  It works for everyday use and if there is a puddle or two after rains.  You can dump the bin or actually drain it with the hose connection.  There is a very convenient fill indicator on the front.  Very reliable and a pleasant white noise.  It should last several years even under continuous use:



Try to find a local salvage grocery store for great deals on slightly dented or overstock items.  Sometimes, restaurant chain prep food is even available!

Don’t forget to invest your $2 (or so) in that big city Sunday newspaper for $200+ in coupons (most weeks at least).

Taco Bell’s new Cool Ranch Tacos kinda missed the mark.  The taste is very subdued.  Even for those who like Cool Ranch better than Nacho Cheese, stick with the original Locos Tacos, or go with a traditional taco supreme.

If you love sports, consider becoming trained as an official – either in local county program or through the state high school association.  Some organizations even offer free training.

For great deals on area rugs, check out Ballard Designs.  They always seem to have different rugs marked down.  The quality and durability are both very good.  Free shipping is also available.

If you want your area rugs to last longer and be more comfortable, consider purchasing a rug pad – normally available at your local flooring dealer.  Even older rugs will benefit!

Have you ever tried to find a place to purchase just a few pieces of your nice silverware?  Normally, at department stores, you have to buy an entire large set for 8 or 16.  Well, check out  You can get hard to find pieces, single pieces, 2 forks 1 knife 3 spoons, etc.  Obviously, superior quality.  Don’t forget that they will buy your mismatched items as well!  Places like Bed, Bath and Beyond are also an option.  Sometimes, if you find it online or order it while in the store, you can get free shipping to the store.

You can find discounts on so many items such as designer clothes, household items, gifts at places like Ross’, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, JC Penney’s.  For hair and beauty supply discounts, go to Sally’s.  You can save even more with their club card that is just $5 and lasts an entire year.  The hair products are basically the same ones you can buy at your local hair salon for just a fraction of the cost!  For gently used clothes that are in great shape, try Plato’s Closet.  They are very particular about the clothes they buy from people (including you), so the quality is very good.  Designer jeans for anywhere from $10 to $20.  Check it all out!

Make sure you always have an assortment of hand tools in your car – just in case.  If you need to use one at home, it will be available.  Visit your local hardware store to be prepared.

Need a quick dinner idea?  Consider a super sub from your local grocery store.  Prices are normally $5-8, 3 kinds of meat, 3 cheeses, on a 15-18 inch french bread loaf.  It might just feed the entire family.

After you used up all the leaves in your yard for your dog cage, it is time to switch back to pine and cedar chips.  Alternate for better absorption and odor control.

Consider switching to CFL lights in your house.  They are more energy efficient and last longer.

If you are an athlete with low blood sugar, consider trying glucose pills.  You can even dissolve them in powerade/gatorade to help with hydration and sugar levels at the same time.  Your enhanced performance awaits.

If you have allergy issues, consider a daily spoonful of raw, natural LOCAL honey – available at most supermarkets.

Save money on your heating bills: buy a radiator heater – in fact, buy more than one.  It is normally sufficient to heat bedrooms at night with the furnace down 10-20 degrees.  Also make sure to change your furnace filter monthly.

If you have a burned out light in your car, go to your local auto part store.  Sometimes there are more than one under the cover.  Places like O’Reilly’s and AutoZone will normally even replace it for you.  That way, you don’t have to spend time in it, the right tool is available, and the right bulb is in place.

Here could be a really nice money saver if you are having trouble with a kitchen or laundry appliance:  most people start looking into a new item instead of seeing if it can be fixed.  You will need to spend a little time on the internet researching the needed item.  It is normally available locally.  If you have a friend in the repair business, they may be able to get it for you at an even greater discount.  For example, a heating element on a multi thousand dollar stove could be around $50.  There should be a youtube video showing you how to replace the part.  If you are uncomfortable ding this yourself, they still have handymen that can do it for you.

If you are looking for a way to preserve your precious family memories, consider scrapbooking.  It will allow you to have a time capsule of pictures, programs, articles, your thoughts and creativity – for all to see many years into the future.  Just imagine people you have never met looking at these moments in time, as you prepare each page.

For those extra special pictures, consider making your own frames.  Hobby Lobby is an excellent place for supplies.  Go online to find 40% and 50% off coupons on a fairly regular basis.  These can be used for any one item.  Also, sign up for their email club and receive discounts in your inbox!