Valentines Day Flower Delivery

Attention, all of those with a special someone in your life, as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches in less than two weeks, it is time to plan that Valentines Day flower delivery.  The results of not doing this would be very detrimental to your relationship.  Make sure you also pick up a card and some candy.  Jewelry is always a good idea.  If you cannot find something you like that is new, you can always visit a reputable pawn shop for great deals at a fraction of the original cost.  A makeover on existing jewelry, especially if you have an awesome and frugal spouse, works great as well.


If you live in an rural area, look into county clinics.  Most take insurance and have a sliding scale for income levels.  Most operate on a series of grants.  Some even have deals with local pharmacies (normally with a 90 day script) that can have you hundreds of dollars!

If your child has any athletic or musical talent, make sure to nurture it for potential college scholarships someday.  Of course, do not neglect academics!

Check with your high school to see if any of the colleges in your state has an online high school course list.  This will avoid potential scheduling conflicts and will have headaches in the future.  It should be a great experience for your student.

If you listen to Christian Music, make sure to support your local station so others can listen to the message as well.

If you like Polish Pottery, Italian and Spanish bowls, consider shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.  These stores also work very well for men’s clothes, under clothes, shoes, pants, shirts, various gift items, and so much more.  The prices will be a fraction of department stores with a great selection.

That old laptop that does not work may just need a new power cord.  Although they vary greatly in price, they are normally rather inexpensive.  Sometimes, the company website itself is the best source.

If you live on a cold area and use natural gas for your heating, consider switching to propane.  The local propane company can install a conversion kit for less than $100.  With propane, you will never get a “surprise” bill that is much more than anticipated.  You purchase the propane ahead of time (they can bill you), and you have a gauge so you know exactly how much you have and when you need to call to have a new shipment delivered.  For some people, avoiding that “surprise” kick in the mouth has saved them at least 50%.  Do a little investigation to save big money!

Another way to save on heating bills is to buy space heaters and radiator heaters to use in the bathroom and bed rooms at night.  Also, firewood and accessories will help during the evening.  You can use your heater much less this way and save money!

Invariably, winter wreaks havoc on our windshields.  You may need to replace yours to pass inspection or maybe just to see.  Don’t just assume that the national chains have the best price and service.  You would be surprised how competitive your local glass company could be.  Once you factor in the price of gas, convenience, proximity if there are issues, shopping local (especially if you too are a local business), the choice is “clear.”

If you need new wiper blades, shop around and decide.  At most local auto parts stores, they will replace the blades for free.  This way, you know for sure it fits and you don’t have to deal with doing yourself.  Sometimes, big box stores are cheaper, but you have to take the risk on your own.

Try Chef Fabio’s Italian Sausage Stuffing; it is truly to die for:

Looking for a slightly different Valentine’s gift, perhaps for a child?  Buy a dozen of their favorite candy bar(s), perhaps a stuffed animal or two and make a sweet cute basket.

Make sure to take advantage of the day-after-Valentine’s Day-sale on all candies and chocolates!