HP Printer Cartridges

HP Printer Cartridges from Wal*Mart offer great pricing and the convenience of ship-to-store.

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If you like poached eggs or soft boiled eggs, the Egg Genie may be for you.  It has a slight learning curve, but it is really nice.  Make sure you do not use all of the egg “white” when making poached eggs.


Consider taking all of your vehicles to your local oil change place.  It would be easier to come up with a history when you are trying to sell your car and you will develop a good business relationship which could come in handy in this day of home businesses.

Consider America’s Best for your eyeglass and contact lens needs.  Their prices are very competitive, they have a 3-year club with 2 free exams per year and discounts, you can book your appointment online, and locations across the country.

If you are paying taxes or judgments, consider using money orders for safety.

Research life insurance companies.  You can find a small policy (less than $250,000) without the hassle of a physical or other tests for a reasonable monthly premium.  Income replacement, piece of mind, paying off debt — there are so many reasons for life insurance.  You certainly do not want the loved ones left behind to not even have enough for final expenses.  American National has policies that are worth looking into.  You can even apply online in 15 minutes.

Try Bert’s Bees beeswax.  Works great and is all natural. Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm with Vitamin E(Pack of 2)

Save money on heating costs.  Buy wood from a local vendor and small starter logs and firestarters.  Shop around for the wood to get a good deal.  Make sure to check around so their wood is properly seasoned.  The starter logs and firestarters will set you back about $10 each, but much cheaper than “fake logs.”  A disadvantage is dryer skin, but winter has less humidity anyway.  A good solution is plenty of moisturizer/lotion on hands and feet.

Make sure to stock up on generic or equate pain relievers: aspirin, IB, Alleve, Tylenol, pepto.  Also, ask your health care provider about OTC supplements like COQ10, fish oil, multi-vitamins, etc.  Sometimes, they have the same benefits as prescription meds without some of the side effects.

Consider talking to your dentist about a deep cleaning.  Although it is somewhat pricey, most good dental insurance policies cover most of the bill and it could prevent potential serious matters in the future.