Great Thanksgiving Ideas

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories for your family and generations to come. Make a detailed family tree ( is a great resource). The scrapbooks do not have to be fancy. Even if you have shoe boxes full of photos and newspaper clippings, start today. Start with a specialty album – wedding, first year of baby, senior year, THIS year, this holiday season — just anything —- just start.


If you have not already tried this, you have to check out Flex Seal. It is a rubberized leak sealer that can be used virtually anywhere in and around the house: cracked pipes, cracked sink, cracked gutters, and so much more. It is truly a repairman in a can. Ya gotta try this stuff:




With winter approaching, make sure to check your wiper blades.  Replace them if necessary.  Some auto parts stores like O’Reilly’s, AutoZone, Pep Boys, will replace them for free when you buy them.  Since certain models require a special tool, always ask them to do this free service for you.  Also, you can rest easy that they will be the right size.

Take all your cars to a local oil change place.  If you get your vehicle inspections there also, they will make sure to take care of any minor issues that might cause problems.  Keep it local when you can.

Ask your doctor about OTC vitamins and supplements.  Sometimes these are as effective as prescription items without the side effects.  Mult-vitamins, fish oil, CoQ10.  Just ask.

Think you can’t afford a dentist?  Even if you have dental coverage, you still need to check around.  It can be more affordable than you think.  “Let your fingers do the walking.”  Some local dentists are still rather reasonable.  If you live in an area that has a county dental clinic, this may be the best deal.  Do your research first.

If you are interested in savings on heating costs this winter, consider turning your thermostat down and getting an electric blanket.  If you have a king size bed and want to save, look into getting two twin size electric blankets.  This might save you almost $100.  Sunbeam has them for only $20 each on their site and they work great.  You do not have to worry about fighting over the control since you both have your own independent blanket.  The overlap area in the middle gets the benefit of both blankets!

If you will be outside at all this winter (ball games, hunting, backyard activities, etc.), look into “Hot Hands” body warmers.



If you like imported food, pick up some items for Thanksgiving.  If you have overnight guests, you will need something beyond turkey for pre or post eating.  Feta Cheese, oil cured olives, sudjuk, spices, specialty breads.  Just go to a European market and browse.  It may become a Holiday tradition.

If you like frugal ideas and coupons, subscribe to AllYou magazine.  Great monthly coupons and fantastic ideas to save money.

Do you like working with old furniture?  Did an item that is solid wood and in good shape structurally at the flea market, then repaint it, change the knobs, and put some tile on the top, caulk in between the tile, and wax on top. {Home Depot, Lowe’s}  It will look better than new and you will have built-in coasters!!