Best Cellphone Deals

Are you looking for the best cellphone deals?  Most people would rather avoid long-term cellphone contracts or obligations.  One of the best cellphone deals around is Straight Talk.  Now you can even bring our current phone!  Unlimited calling, unlimited texting, unlimited data for only $45 per month.  Now that’s frugal!


If you do not need as much airtime, Verizon Prepaid has a really good deal for $15 and the airtime won’t expire for 60 days:


With medical bills continuing to rise, if your vision plan is not one of the best around, consider using America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.  Great prices on contacts and eyeglasses, quick appointments (can be made online), quick service.  Make sure to join their club for two free exams per year and discounts on merchandise.

Sign up for touch of gray coupons.  Also, you can get a $9.50 rebate: TOG Rebate

If you need extra power for defrosting your windshield, consider using a 12V heater/defroster fan.  These are very convenient and plug right into your 12V receptacle.

Help your car performance by adding a fuel treatment to your gas tank.  Lucas is a good brand to look into.

{Not to be confused for medical advice} If there are any clinics in your area, consider investigating their services.  Prices normally are on a sliding based upon income, if you are a county resident.  Some of the time, they have grants in place that reduce costs.  Also, a local pharmacy may be able to offer reduced pharmacy prices when you order a 90 day supply.

Ask your doctor about glucose tabs if you have low sugar, especially if you exercise a lot or perform a sport.

Save money and drink healthy with Brita Water Pitchers.  Make sure you change the filters as recommended.

For back to school, check out Target for great deals on school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, and electronics.

Speaking of back to school, here is a great idea to save money on textbooks.  Renting will help you save quite a bit of money, but if you lose a book or damage it, they will try to charge you quite a bit as a penalty.  A better route is to go to  When you enter the isbn, you will be shown the best deals on the internet – renting, buying new, buying used.  Save hundreds every semester!

Looking for a little extra money?  Look into being a substitute teacher or a ref/ump.