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America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses is a great place for your eye care needs.  They have locations all over the country.  Once you have your prescription, you can order your contacts online.  The 3 year club membership will give you discounts and 2 free exams per year.  Very frugal!

If you have a child that is a junior high/high school athlete, or even a college athlete, make sure to take care of the yearly sports physical requirements in the summer.  Call around and you will probably find a local clinic that will do it for about $10.  Just make sure to bring the proper form with you.

Poison Ivy?  According to the internet, Calamine lotion, green tea mask, benadryl will help with the itchy symptoms.  A shot and script from the doctor may be needed if you are sensitive.  While you are at the doctor, ask about OTC vitamins, fish oil, CoQ10, aspirin, etc.  It may be a cheaper alternative for health than prescriptions.

In the summer, it seems like Powerade/Gatorade goes on sale quite often.  Make sure to stock up for Fall/Winter/Spring sports when they are on sale.  Since they do not have to be refrigerated, storage is pretty easy.  Go save money!

Pick up some weights to stay in shape.  Wal*Mart, Academy, Oshman’s, a second hand sporting goods store…

Who says you can’t find good deals on name-brand shoes anymore?  Famous Footwear Outlet – check it out!

If you are in the market for College Textbooks, make sure to check out Amazon.  Most small paperback books are available at good prices and in stock – most of the time.  There is free 2 day shipping for students.  If you need flash drives, Amazon and are great places to look for a very nice variety of shapes and sizes.