Where Can I Buy Crocs

Since summer is here, it is time to look into getting some new Crocs. The best selection is directly through Crocs:

Crocs, Inc.


If you will be going to any outside sporting events this summer (baseball, softball, soccer, etc.), make sure to look into folding chairs.  Academy has great deals going on.  Cool polka dot chairs are waiting for you for only $9.99.  If you are alright with their logo on it, you can pick up a chair for $5.99.

Is your cordless phone acting up? It may be the battery. Take your phone into Radio Shack and they should have a replacement battery. “Good as new!”

Help support our military – send care packages.  The post office has special rates for APO/FPO/DPO.  It means more to them than you may ever know.  If you do not know of any, contact your local schools or churches – they should have a list.

Do you live in an old house?  Make sure you check to see if you have any old threaded fuses somewhere.  These fuses are sometimes rather difficult to find, especially if one blows at an inconvenient time.  So make sure you find them before they are needed.  A small hardware store (Ace, TruValu) or a farm and home store (MFA, Orscheln, Farm & Home) should have what you need or can order it for you.