Gift Cakes

If you need a cake for a special occasion, you can buy a specialty cake pan and make your own. If this is not your “cup of tea” click below to have a gourmet gift cake delivered nationwide:

Birthday cakes, Cake Delivery, Bake Me A Wish


Does your hopefully college-bound student have any special talents?  As summer is approaching, it is definitely time to think about using these talents to obtain more scholarship money.  Get them involved in camps through colleges.  There are camps for math, art, music, all sports, debate.  There is a state math team (ARML) that has a national competition in June.  Involvement in these activities will not only help in high school classes, ACT/SAT scores, but also college scholarships and maybe even choice of majors.

If you have medical bills, you can normally buy time by sending regular payments instead of ignoring the bills.

If you use fancier shampoos and conditioners, consider going to Sally’s Beauty Supply.  Their prices are a fraction of what you would pay at a salon for the products (which they also use on your hair).  Their equipment is very inexpensive and high quality.  If you pay $5 for the yearly club membership, you get 10% off of your purchases.