TI 84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator

TI 84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator. {Also comes in Dark Blue and believe it or not … Silver}


Texas Instruments Inc. TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Pink Graphing Calculator (Extra Purple faceplate)The latest and greatest for high school students. An enhanced version of the TI-83 Plus, the nation’s best-selling high school graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition offers a built-in USB port, 9x the memory and 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus. Already preloaded are 30 software Apps, including Cabri Jr. for algebra and geometry and Periodic Table for science and chemistry. High-resolution, 8-line display includes horizontal and vertical split-screen options and exponents. Convert matrices to lists and vice-versa. Solve numerically for different variables in an equation with the interactive equation solver editor. Build scatter plots, xy-line plots, histograms and probability plots for statistics. Graph rectangular functions, parametric and polar expressions, and recursively-defined sequences. Practice for college-entrance exams with SAT Study Cards and official AP Biology exam review questions. Use the included cable to download new Apps, share data with a classmate or connect to any TI presentation tool and display your work to the class. Changeable color faceplates and kickstand slide case available separately. Features:* Electronically upgradeable operating system and features with extensive programming capability* 30 preloaded software Apps, including including Cabri Jr.* 9x the memory and 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus* Built-in USB port and cable (included) make sharing data with a classmate easy* Prep for college with AP* Biology exam review questions and SAT Study Cards* Connect to any TI presentation tool (adapter sold separately)


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