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Being in the middle of winter (for the cold areas of the country), a de-icer may be just what you need. Varieties include spray only as well as ones with scrapers built in:



If you child is looking at colleges, make sure to visit the finalists.  Get a feel for the campus, the students, the local hangouts.  When he/she finds the “one” they will know and so will you.

Consider local county clinics for medical service and pharmacy savings.

If your local Sunday newspaper does not have $100-$250 in coupons each week, consider finding a store (Walgreen’s normally does this) that orders a larger city paper for Sundays.  It will be worth your effort!

Do you enjoy your local Christian music station?  Most of them are completely listener supported.  Consider partnering with them to help spread the Word.

Be careful who gets your bank and credit card information.  Some things are much better if paid with a money order.

Consider having your oil changed locally.  This is a good way to build relationships around your community (especially if you need a cause supported later).  Take all of your cars there – they will know if you are not, certainly so in small towns.

If you are not comfortable with changing your own headlights, places like Wal*Mart will do it for just a few dollars.  You can even shop while you wait!

These days, most places that sell wiper blades will install them for you – just ask – even if you are a guy – just ask.  Places like O’Reilly’s, Auto Zone, Pep Boys.

Check and see if your cars have any recalls.  Call the dealer to find out details on repairs.  If your car had to be towed in because of the defect, the manufacturer will normally reimburse you.

If you have a child that has low blood sugar, consult a doctor about glucose tabs, especially if the child is an athlete.  Athletes use so much energy while performing at high levels that the energy levels just seem to bottom out much quicker than with ordinary activities.  Regular use results could surprise you!

If your athlete child has a chance of playing at the collegiate level, get them involved with club sports (soccer), AAU (basketball), traveling teams (softball, volleyball).  If they get past the college try-out, the investment will pay off for sure in scholarship money.

Looking for cheap entertainment?  There are a lot of January high school basketball tournaments.  Some are held at college venues, so it would be a cheap way to check these out for the future.